The Perfect Gift

“The best kind of prize is a surprise.” That quote uttered by Johnny Depp’s character in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory never rang more true than today. After a long and sleepless night where I looked at the clock more times than Chris Young struck out last season; Christmas morning finally arrived. While the kids rested quietly in their beds I was up pacing the floor waiting for them to get up. What a weird turn of events. It is usually the kids who are up early while the parents are begging for a few more minutes of sleep before getting up to begin the gift unwrapping extravaganza. But then most parents probably have not been waiting for an Arizona Diamondbacks National League Western Division Championship sweatshirt for nearly three months either. So with some well placed noises and rustling the other members of my family finally awoke from their slumber and got up. We all rushed downstairs to see what wonderful gifts Santa Claus had left us during his late night visit.

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