Today is my wife Trina’s birthday. I would tell you how old she is but I once suggested that we both take a karate class and I watched in horror as she put a 6 foot 3 inch instructor down on the map and stop within millimeters of putting her fist through his nose lodging it into his brain. It was at that moment that I realized I have absolutely no control in my marriage and some 26 years later I still live in fear of my life. Let’s just say that Trina does not look a day older than she did when I first met her in high school. I cannot possibly imagine what it must be like having a birthday just 2 days after Christmas. As a kid that had to be the worst. You really couldn’t have a birthday party since everyone was away for Christmas holiday. Most of the gifts that you received would be wrapped in Christmas paper. Trina tells a story that once when she was little she was given a pair of pajamas. She received the tops for Christmas and the bottoms for her birthday. That has to be one of the most depressing things a kid could imagine. I mean who wants pajamas for their birthday? I would have much rather gotten a G.I. Joe with life-like hair and a kung-fu grip. Based upon her horrendous childhood birthday experiences I made a promise to myself that I would always try to make her birthday special.

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