New Years is an interesting concept that I never really understood. How exactly did replacing a calendar become a holiday? The conspiracy theorist in me believes that no matter what the official reasons were for celebrating New Years Day, it was probably a marketing ploy by the Hallmark Corporation to try and pump up the sales of cards and calendars. It is not just replacing a calendar that is odd but it is how people react to this event. All around the world tonight people will join together and consume large amounts of alcohol as they carefully watch the clock and count down the seconds until all 2007 calendars will become obsolete. They will then wildly cheer, throw small torn pieces of paper into the air and kiss complete strangers. They will then sing and dance late into the night then try to navigate the police infested streets trying to avoid field sobriety tests. After a few short hours of sleep these people will drag themselves out of bed and curse being alive as they find that their headache is more painful than being a Tampa Bay Ray lifetime season ticket holder.

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