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The Arizona Diamondbacks announced yesterday that they had reached an agreement with manager Bob Melvin on a contract extension through 2010.  This announcement follows a busy off-season for Melvin who was earlier named the National League Manager of the Year.  The extension had been long expected as the two sides had been talking since shortly after the Diamondbacks ended their play-off run against the Colorado Rockies.  The delay in the announcement was not so much due to involved contract negotiations or haggling over money as it was a matter of time constraints between Melvin and General Manager Josh Byrnes not being able to get together.

The extension is well deserved for Melvin who is establishing himself as one of the better managers in baseball.  His open communications style resonates with his players.  At least outwardly not one player has publically complained about how Melvin runs the team. Quite the contrary many players have stated that Melvin is a consummate professional and one of the best managers they have ever played for.  This is quite a complement for a guy that was the Diamondbacks second choice for manager when the opening came up.  Were it not for the whole Wally Backman debacle where the Diamondbacks offered Backman the job then a few days later rescinded the offer due to character issues surrounding Backman; Bob Melvin may not even be in Arizona or managing for that matter.

I’ve been in baseball 28 years, and I’ve never before had a three-year contract

Bob Melvin

Arizona Diamondbacks manager

In the 2007 season Bob Melvin seemed to push all the right buttons taking one of the youngest teams in baseball to the National League Championship Series.  He and his coaching staff worked diligently with the young players to prepare them for the rigors of a major league city.  Now after tasting some success and perhaps sneaking up on a few teams Melvin will be placed in a much different scenario next season. He and his teams will clearly be in the sights of the other ball clubs as an elite team with high expectations.  Hopefully this added pressure won’t be too much for a young ball club.  One thing is for certain though; Bob Melvin will have his team ready to play every game.

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