How to Skinit a Snake

The World Wide Web can be a fascinating place filled with amazing and wondrous things. It can also be a magnet for the bizarre. Whenever you open a browser window it is like starting a new adventure. I often feel like an archeologist about to uncover some long lost civilization or a tidbit of knowledge that has been hidden from the general public since the beginning of time; Internet time that is. Of course the exact opposite is also true. It is entirely possible that you will wander upon the most strange and unusual information that you ever imagined. I mean how many people do you know that launched their Internet browser actually searching for a Breakfast Cereal Character Guide or Barney Smith’s Toilet Seat Museum? Still, once you start searching you become engaged with these sites and they take on some kind of significance. Today I took a circuitous path on the web and uncovered what I thought was a pretty cool site and an even cooler idea.

My online journey began at the Harley Davidson web site where I was looking for a chrome accessory I didn’t already have for my Night Train bike. On the center of the home page was an advertisement for a HD Custom Skin. I wasn’t really sure what a custom skin was and curiosity got the best of me so I clicked it. I was taken to a web page where you could select Harley Davidson vinyl skins for your iPod, cell phone, or laptop. diary_skin.pngThe designs were pretty cool and I was half tempted to order one but then I started thinking, I wonder if they made baseball skins specifically Arizona Diamondbacks skins? After a quick Google search I found the SkinIt web site. There I found all sorts of vinyl designs for most of the major sports teams. I say most because when I went to find a Diamondbacks skin I found none. What is up with that? I probably would have been frustrated and left the site except for the fact that the company offers the ability to create your own skin. Clicking on that link took me to an interactive web page where I could add graphics and text to create a personalized skin. I began imagining all the various graphics I could create. After a quick PhotoShop session I built a skin specifically for my laptop. Finally I will have a laptop lid that better matches my personality. I definitely had to bookmark this web site. Creating skins for all of my electronics should keep me busy for a while. This was definitely one time when I uncovered an Internet gem.

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