It Didn’t Take Long

Just a few short days ago I wrote about how the Arizona Diamondbacks had a glut of outfielders and how Carlos Quentin now found himself as the odd man out without a position to play for the Diamondbacks. Like most everyone I anticipated that Arizona would use Quentin as a bargaining chip at the Winter Meetings in Nashville to try and land a starting pitcher that they desperately need. The upside of a Carlos Quentin is amazing. While he struggled a bit last season I think a lot of that had to do with the injuries he was dealing with including a partially torn labrum in his non-throwing shoulder and towards the later part of the season a hamstring problem. Even one down season there was grounds for optimism for the former first round draft pick from Stanford. He has above average power and is decent defensively. The Diamondbacks should be able to parlay a young talent like Carlos for a serviceable starting pitcher.

Today during the first day of the Winter Meetings the Arizona Diamondbacks completed a deal that would send Quentin to the Chicago White Sox in exchange for minor league first baseman Chris Carter. I had to read that press release several times in order for it to sink in. The Arizona Diamondbacks who have only 3 healthy pitchers in their starting rotation traded away one of their better prospects in exchange for a kid who played first base in low Class-A last season. Granted Chris Carter had been identified as one of the White Sox top-10 prospects in Baseball America but he is still a ways away from the major leagues and is being blocked by both Conor Jackson and possibly Chad Tracy from making the big league roster. I’m left scratching my head in disbelief trying to understand why this deal was made. For most of the season last year we heard about the logjam that the Diamondbacks had with their overabundance of corner infielders yet that is exactly the position that they traded for. It is my hopes that this deal is a precursor to some other trade that packages up one or more of the Diamondbacks corner infielders for a middle of the rotation starting pitcher which is what this team desperately needs. For now I’ll reserve judgment as to whether this deal made any sense for the Diamondbacks. The only benefit I can see is that this deal did free up a roster spot for the addition of one more player.

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