It’s Time for the Christmas Party

In the long dark tunnel of the baseball off season burns a faint lantern of light. The lantern is usually quite dim except for three brief days in December when it illuminates the landscape and brightens an otherwise dark and dreary few days. That lantern of course is the Winter Meetings when the General Managers and club officials meet to discuss the game of baseball. It is the Major League Baseball equivalent of the office Christmas party. It is a chance for everyone to gather in one place, review all that was accomplished over the past year and celebrate a little bit.

There will be some that will come to the party and enjoy the hospitality and mingle a little bit but not really get involved in the festivities. There will be some that will get involved in some of the activities and may even get out on the dance floor for a couple of songs. They may or may not leave with the dates that they brought to the party but they are consenting adults so that shouldn’t be a problem. Then of course there will be a couple of people that will come to the party and get completely out of control. They’ll be dancing not just on the dance floor but on the table tops as well. They may come to the party dressed in business attire but by the time the party is in full swing the ties will be gone and the headwear of choice will become a lampshade. With the drinks flowing these party animals will get louder and more out of control. They’ll be throwing dollar bills around like Monopoly money and they’ll want to take everyone home with them. The other party participants will look at them in shocked horror at their behavior while deep down wondering what it would be like to be a party animal at just one party. For the longest time there was just one lampshade wearing party guy but lately another office worker has joined in and seems to be more insane than the first guy. It wouldn’t be so bad except these two guys are the company’s best salesmen. Everyone wants to see these guys so you can’t very well discipline them. A lot of the other guests at the party have suggested limiting the free bar but these two guys have already shown that just wouldn’t work. They’ve got enough money they can buy their own alcohol so limiting access to the bar only hurts the social drinkers in the crowd. No, this is just one of those times when you politely smile as you watch the two drunks dancing on the tables and count your blessings that these Christmas parties only happen once a year. You keep thinking that all this alcohol and irresponsible behavior will catch up with them and that the hangover they’ll have will be justice for their actions but so far that doesn’t seem to deter them at all. Oh to be young and crazy again when you could drink and party all night without feeling the effects in the morning. It just doesn’t seem fair does it?

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