What’s So Perfect About That?

To anyone who has happened across this blog and read more than one entry you may have surmised that I am a baseball fan. It was also probably fairly obvious that I don’t follow any other sport with much regularity. With Spring Training, a 162-game regular season, three rounds of play-offs including the World Series, the General Manager and Winter Meetings; there is not much time left to get completely into another sport. Besides, the other sports can’t really even be classified as full sports. I mean most of them have what I would refer to as an abbreviated season playing at most 82 games for the NBA and the NHL and even worse 16 games for the NFL. Very few of these sports even have teams play on consecutive nights let alone for a whole week straight. The worst culprit is of course the National Football League.

I’m not sure how you can even classify yourself as a sport when your teams only play 16 games in a whole season and even then they have to have a week off to rest. Over the course of the past few weeks the newspapers and media outlets have been filled with talk of the New England Patriots and their march towards history as they attempted to be the first team to go undefeated during a 16-week schedule. I’m confused as to why this is such a big deal. Major League Baseball teams play more games than that in Spring Training let alone during a season. When the Colorado Rockies made their late push to make the playoffs winning at one time 18 games, I didn’t see anyone touting them as the greatest team that was ever assembled. Compared to the Patriots; the Rockies won more consecutive games. What is even more impressive is that Colorado did that over a stretch of two weeks. Let’s have New England do that and then I will be impressed. So tonight as I sat and watched the Patriots battle the New York Giants I shook my head in amazement at the hyperbole that was been piled upon this football team. From what I could see the team played far less than perfect football. The streak looked to be more luck than anything. The outcome of this game came down to one or two plays that happened to go the Patriots way. This has been the case on multiple occasions during this season. For whatever reason the sports gods are punishing us by making us endure the obnoxious fan base of the Boston area as they gloat over their new found sports dominance. I’m beginning to prepare myself for yet another dose of this in the June timeframe when Boston Celtic fans begin to emerge from their dark holes to will their team to an NBA championship.

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