Who Needs Tickets?

Not all the baseball news originated from Nashville Tennessee today. The Arizona Diamondbacks jumped into the local headlines when they announced ticket prices for the 2008 season. This of course is always an important time in our house as it marks the day when Trina knows how much of our budget I am going to consume with ball tickets. It’s not a matter of if I will consume any of the budget it is just a matter of how much I will consume. I try to put a positive light on things by stating that baseball season tickets are much cheaper than buying drugs. Trina though seems unconvinced especially when I suggested that I would love to upgrade our seats to Dugout Box seats. My ultimate goal is to someday have seats in Section N above the Arizona Diamondbacks dugout. My life could be complete and I would die a happy man if I had season tickets in that section. Trina must feel very similarly as she made the comment that I could get those seats over her dead body. It’s good to see that we are both on the same page and have our priorities aligned.

I was glued to the Diamondbacks web site reading the press release with the new ticket pricing. I’m not sure why this is such a big deal as I have already renewed my season tickets having done so last July. I guess I am excited because this is one step closer to the beginning of Spring Training and ultimately Opening Day. As I was perusing the new ticket pricing structure I was shocked to see that many of the tickets have actually gone down in price. Our seats from last season were described as Baseline Reserve. According to the new ticket prices those seats went down from $20 a game to $15 a game when purchased as Season Tickets. At first I was kind of excited thinking perhaps we would be due for a refund. That excitement was short lived though when I found a new ticket classification called Baseline Box. There are no section numbers associated with these classifications but if I were a betting man I would wager that my seats will probably fall in the Baseline Box section of the ballpark.

Some interesting observations about this year’s ticket price structure that I want to share. Bullpen Reserve seats (sections 106-108 and 136-138) are the same price as bleacher seats (sections 101-105 and 139-144). This seems kind of strange considering Bullpen Reserve seats are individual seats while bleachers are bench style seating. I would definitely opt for the Bullpen Reserve if given the chance. The Infinity Diamond Level has some of the best value seats. The Club Bullpen seats (sections 200-201 and 219-224) are the same price as the Baseline Reserve seats. Given the additional amenities of the Diamond Level these are a great value. The Club Reserve seats (section 202-205 and 215-218) are priced the same as the Baseline Box seats. This makes a very attractive package. I would consider that level but I just don’t feel comfortable on the Diamond Level. I feel guilty throwing peanut shells on the floor up there and there is just something not right about having people come to your seats and take your food and drink order. It just doesn’t feel like real baseball. The Clubhouse Seats (sections G-M) behind the plate remain the most expensive seats at Chase Field. The price remained the same for 2008 as it was for 2007 but at $110 per game these are out of most fans’ budget for a whole season. Most of the lower deck seats saw a slight increase in price until you get to the sections near the bullpen which saw decreases over a year ago. As was the case last season the Arizona Diamondbacks have very affordable season ticket packages. For $415 you can see 81 regular season games plus 2 Spring Training games at Chase Field. That equates to $5 per game. What other form of entertainment can you get three hours of entertainment for that price? I’m looking forward to hearing more about the new pricing structure, hopefully Season Ticket holders will receive something in the mail soon with more details.

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