Whose Idea Was This?

As the calendar rolls over to December I find myself with a lot of days where there is very little news coming out about the Arizona Diamondbacks. There are just so many times a guy can re-read Steve Gilbert’s articles on Diamondbacks.com without beginning to feel like some sort of cyber-stalker. My daily routine usually includes checking ESPN, FoxSports, Diamondbacks.com, MLB.com, Yahoo Sports, and Baseball-Reference.com (you can never get tired of looking at baseball statistics). At each site I devour any new content I can find and in the absence of new content I will re-read the top 5 stories just to make sure I didn’t miss anything. My day could best be summed up by shampoo bottle instructions: wash-rinse-repeat. To say I am going through Diamondbacks withdrawals may be an understatement.

Today Trina suggested that it might be time to take a break from the Diamondbacks news search and get my mind on something else. I had no idea that this “something else” would include Christmas Shopping. Perhaps she thought it best not to mention that part given what happened the last time she suggested I go Christmas shopping. Fortunately this shopping trip did not include getting up at the darkest moment of the night and taking my life in my hands while trying to retrieve an item from a toy shelf. This was a much more relaxing experience (well as relaxing as it can be to go Christmas shopping with your wife). As I got into the car I automatically reached for the radio and tuned it to XM. I never thought I would ever be a fan of subscription radio but I can’t imagine now living without satellite radio. On my radio the first preset station is channel 175 which is MLB Home Plate. I instinctively pressed the button and expected another replay since it is the off-season. Instead a familiar voice resonated through the speakers and for a brief moment I was disoriented trying to piece together what was going on.

That voice, those comments; where have I heard them before? It then dawned on me that the voice belonged to none other than Arizona Diamondbacks left-fielder Eric Byrnes. It seems that Mr. Byrnes now has his own national satellite radio program every Saturday morning for 3 hours on XM radio. The program is named Hustle with Eric Byrnes. He has been given relatively free reign to talk about a multitude of subjects including baseball, football, politics, and hair care products. My first reaction was, “whose idea was that to give Byrnes creative control of a show that is broadcast all across the country?” No good can possibly come from a decision like that. Byrnsie is pretty out of control as it is without giving him a microphone and a captivated audience driving through rural America. There is just no telling what could possibly happen but I was sure that it couldn’t be good. Byrnes show will air every Saturday until Spring Training starts. I’m not sure this country is strong enough to deal with 3 hours of Eric Byrnes for 3 months.

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