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Going Gonzo on the Beach

It is amazing what a difference a couple of years makes. Going into the 2006 season Luis Gonzalez was the longest tenured Arizona Diamondbacks player on the roster. He was one of the few players left from the 2001 World Championship team that defeated the New York Yankees. For all intents and purposes Gonzalez was the face of the Arizona Diamondbacks. He was by far the most popular player in the history of the franchise. Many casual fans would...

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Sponsorships Gone Wild

I thought after last season when the Arizona Diamondbacks fielded one of the youngest teams in Major League Baseball that we had finally seen an end to the youth movement. As is normally the case, I thought wrong. The team announced through a press release that they had signed on with yet another rookie. With as much fanfare as can be mustered in a press clipping the Diamondbacks announced an agreement with Chez Reavie. Wait, who did you say?...

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Do You Need a Johan?

Ever since the 2007 regular season ended there has been rumors that the Minnesota Twins would attempt to trade two-time American League Cy Young award winner Johan Santana. The 2008 season would mark the final year of Santana’s current contract and the Twins did not appear willing or able to absorb the type of contract necessary to retain the services of their ace pitcher. This meant that the time was probably appropriate for a trade to...

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Winter League Wonderland

I tend to enjoy the everyday advantages of living in the United States. I like the idea that I have fast food available at every corner and in many cases multiple fast food options on every corner. I like the idea of having inexpensive and what to me at least looks like unlimited energy. After all when did any of us really question whether a light would actually go on if we flipped the switch? We just take for granted that if we need...

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Tie One On

I am definitely not a slave to fashion. Trina refers to my tastes in clothing as “Team Shop Chic”. I once asked her what that meant and her response was that basically my clothing choices came down to whatever was new at the team shop at a given home stand. I once tried to argue that wasn’t the case but I was quickly confronted by 10 Diamondbacks T-Shirts, 4 personalized Diamondbacks jerseys, and 15 Diamondbacks hats. I tried...

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Monsters in the Outfield

One of my worst nightmares came a couple of weeks ago when I went into my beloved Chase Field and found that the green well manicured outfield and perfectly groomed base paths had been replaced by large berms of dirt piled up by front loaders that were parked in the Diamondbacks bullpen. You may as well painted a graffiti moustache on the Statue of Liberty to look like my aunt Ethel before the waxing. This was one of those sights that leaves...

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How Far Would You Go?

They say that everyone has a price it is just a matter of finding out what that price is. For the longest time I took the ethical high road told myself that the quote was a fallacy. It was possible to maintain your value system and not deviate from it no matter what the consequences. Sure there have been times when I have thought that I may be willing to sacrifice my beliefs for the right price but then after moments of contemplation I would...

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What About Me?

The Arizona Diamondbacks will begin their 2008 campaign when pitchers and catchers report to the Kino Sports Complex in Tucson on February 15. This is one day later than many teams who begin their Spring Training on Valentine’s Day. It just seems so appropriate to spend a day dedicated to love on the baseball field. Besides, with the Diamondbacks now sporting Sedona Red as their primary color they would fit right in with all the lacy...

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After keeping Trina awake for the past eight to ten nights with my constant coughing and hacking she finally just could not stand it any longer. When I got up she announced that she had made a doctor’s appointment. I immediately began to protest between fits of coughing which did nothing to lead credibility to my case that I didn’t need a doctor. Trina of course decided to take this opportunity to twist the knife in my back just a...

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