You know you are going to have a strange day when you turn on the television and flip to ESPN then have to recheck the channel because you are positive that you fat-fingered the remote and were now watching CSPAN. For the second time in three years Major League Baseball finds itself visiting Capitol Hill to speak with Representatives and Senators about performance enhancing substances. Shortly after former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell released the Mitchell Report Congress decided it would be in the public’s best interests to bring some of baseball’s decision makers to Washington DC to discuss the report and what the next steps would be. Today was the first day of these hearings and would include guest appearances by commissioner Bud Selig, player’s union head Donald Fehr, and of course former Senator George Mitchell. This had all the makings of must-see television especially considering that this was about as close as we were going to get to seeing baseball in January. I popped a bag of popcorn and settled down into an easy chair to catch a few minutes of the proceedings.

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