A Call to Arms

It has been a restless 24 hours. Sleep was the farthest thing from my mind. How could anyone lie in bed and sleep when Diamondbacks Spring Training tickets go on sale in less than a day? Sometimes I just do not understand what makes people tick. So while the rest of the state of Arizona was curled up under their Arizona Diamondbacks blankets dreaming of Chase Field I was up pacing the floor checking the clock and testing its batteries to make sure that the time was correct. I must have called the number for time about every 30 seconds and I even bookmarked the web site for the atomic clock in Colorado. Sometime around 3 AM I made a note to myself to shop for a new clock as it was obvious that the one hanging on our wall did not have an atomic mechanism since time was drifting by a few seconds. I briefly considered calling the Diamondbacks ticket office at midnight and feign ignorance saying I thought 12:00 meant midnight not noon. That might have worked but I was pretty sure that no one would actually answer the phone at midnight probably because they knew some fan like me would try that stunt.

My grandmother used to say “a watched pot will never boil”. I have no clue why she would say that to a young boy unless she thought that I had considered throwing a wristwatch in a pot of water and she didn’t want me to do that. That saying was never really helpful to me. If she wanted to show her wisdom she should have said, “If you keep watching the clock noon will never come and you’ll drive yourself crazy waiting for Spring Training ticket time to come”. Now that is a saying that would hold some value. But grandma wasn’t here to warn me so I paced the floor looking at my watch, the clock on the wall, and the Java applet on the Atomic Clock web site. After glancing at each time I would mutter under my breath. After getting up Tiffany and Whitney settled down at the dining room table for a bowl of cereal. I saw them watching me between spoonfuls. One turned to the other and commented that dad looked an awful lot like Doc Brown from the movie Back to the Future when Marty was late coming back from the Enchantment Under the Sea dance putting their plan in jeopardy to send Marty back to 1985. Of course it could be because my hair was standing on end from the countless hours of pacing while pulling my hair out at the lack of time progress. Just when I was about to believe time had stood still it was finally time to call. Amazingly I got right through. I was somewhat startled by that and it took me a moment to compose myself when a ticket agent actually came to the phone. I was so excited to get through that I just started talking in random phrases in a voice that was very similar to Alvin and the Chipmunks. I think I scared the nice young lady on the other end and for a brief second I thought she was going to hang up on me. But after a few minutes of talking me off the ledge and getting me to calm down she was able to help me. It was an awesome experience that ended with me getting tickets to the game. In fact I was so excited I bought tickets for one more game than I had planned. After all Trina did say that with the money I would save by not going to Tucson would pay for a game. I am sure that she meant that I should get tickets to that extra Cactus League contest, right?

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