Birthday Parties

Beginning with Thanksgiving, our household seems to be a non-stop series of events and parties. Besides the traditional holiday gatherings such as Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day we also have a few others thrown in just for fun. We have three December birthdays that our family celebrates including my wife Trina’s birthday. The festivities culminate today with my youngest daughter Whitney’s birthday. With that many events going on it feels as though gift shopping goes non-stop for six straight weeks. This birthday is especially difficult for me.

It’s not because Whitney is not deserving; quite the contrary she is probably the best kid a parent could ask for. She is a model citizen who does well in school, is a member of National Junior Honor Society, is in honor band, is always on the principal’s honor role, and is a member of student government. At times Whitney seems as though she was pulled out of an episode of Leave It to Beaver when kids seemed to be perfect. No the problem with Whitney is that she is the one child I have that could pretty much care less about baseball. I can’t quite figure out how that happened. It is not like she was raised any differently than any of the other children yet see is completely apathetic about sports and especially baseball. She further expresses her bewilderment of how I can place so much importance on a simple game. I on the other hand show just as much bewilderment as to how she can be oblivious to the greatest game in the universe. It is a quandary that we discuss at length quite often. With her lack of interest in baseball it puts a severe strain on our relationship. She still expects me to get her a present on her birthday and I can never seem to find anything at the team shop that she cares about. She continually reminds me that there are other stores than the Chase Field team shop and I continually remind her that has yet to be proven to me since I seem to find everything of value within the confines of the team shop. So today will mark another anniversary of sorts. Whitney will receive a gift bearing the Arizona Diamondbacks logo and I will receive a lecture as to the importance of being well rounded and not so obsessed with baseball. I see our relationship as one of balance. Without our two extremes we would never be able to define the boundaries of right and wrong.

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