Let the Relocation Begin!

Last month I completed my Season Ticket Relocation forms for the 2008 season. That was last month? It seems like it has been months ago that I turned in those forms but according to my calendar it was just last month. The Arizona Diamondbacks notified me that they had received my request for relocation and the process would begin in early January. I received a follow-up message that the exact date that relocation would begin was January 3. According to my new Arizona Diamondbacks Charities calendar; January 3 was yesterday. That meant another sleepless night for me.

I tossed turned thinking about all the permutations of seat combinations I had requested and wondered whether any of them might be available when my priority number was called. Foul ball trajectories and potential catch zones filled my head. Every time I closed my eyes I was sitting in a different seat trying to judge what the sight lines would be. These seats would be my home for 81 days this year and I wanted to make sure everything was perfect. After three hours of tossing and turning I finally decided that sleep was probably not going to come and I may as well get up. Trina rolled over and asked if there was something wrong. I told her I couldn’t sleep because seat relocation has begun at Chase Field. She groaned something about obsessive disorder and rolled over taking all the blankets with her.

I went downstairs and booted the computer. I opened a browser window and went to the Chase Field seating chart hoping somehow that graphic would come to life and I would find myself sitting in the various sections looking out at the playing field. I wondered whether the guys doing the seat relocation requests for the Diamondbacks were at this hour like me sitting in front of a computer screen working to fulfill a season ticket holders dream. If Trina were up she would have had some sort of smart aleck comment about me being the only one out there who was up at 3:20 AM worrying about whether their priority number had come up and if they would get relocated. I find that hard to believe. I bet there are several thousand fans going through the same thing I am. Ok maybe not thousands but probably hundreds are going through the same thing. Ok, maybe Trina is right maybe I am the only guy up at 3:20 AM worrying about where I am going to be sitting next season. All I know is that they need to get to my priority number quickly or else I am going to be a nervous wreck.

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