Scheduling a Game Plan

According to my email, my calendar, and the postal mail I have received tomorrow Spring Training tickets for the Arizona Diamondbacks go on sale. Just the idea that within 24 hours I will be able to buy tickets to see the Diamondbacks in the Cactus League has my heart racing. Finally after what seems like an eternity I can finally see the end of the dark tunnel of the off-season. After all, if tickets are on sale then spring can’t be far behind right? According to my calculations, tomorrow when the ticket office opens it will be only 25 days until pitchers and catchers report and 39 more days until Spring Training games actually start. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, first we need to get some tickets and in order to do that I need a game plan; literally.

According to the information I received the Spring Training box office will be opening at 10 AM at Tucson Electric Park. They will be selling tickets at the stadium giving Tucson fans the first opportunity to buy tickets. At high noon the telephone lines will open to allow anyone to buy tickets to Spring Training games for the 2008 season. Oh what a dilemma. Do I get up early and drive the 2.5 hours from my house to Tucson so that I can be there in person or do I just hold off and try to score some tickets via telephone two hours later? I thought this was a no-brainer decision and when I gave the options to Trina she whole heartedly agreed the decision was a no-brainer. At about the same time I said, “Drive to Tucson” while she said “Call on the phone”. Wait, what was that? I thought she said it was a no-brainer decision. I asked for clarification and Trina explained that driving to Tucson to get a 2 hour head start on Spring Training games would definitely classify me as not having a brain. That’s messed up. After a somewhat heated discussion (that happens a lot when we discuss baseball for some odd reason. By heated I mean that Trina will get frustrated and her face will turn a color that approaches Sedona Red. I will say approaches as I have not been able to do an exact color match. The one time I tried to put my Diamondbacks hat over her face to see if the colors matched I got smacked for what I thought was absolutely no reason. It was pretty clear that I was not going to persuade Trina to go to Tucson. She did make a good point. The gas it would cost to go to Tucson would be more than the tickets to a game. I took that to mean that if I didn’t go to Tucson tomorrow then I could go to one more Spring Training game than I had been planning. Well that seemed like a fair trade-off. Granted I may not get the perfect seats due to the two hour delay but as long as I am in the stadium it’s all good. I think I have the plan now all I need is to execute the plan before Trina executes me.

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