Sponsorships Gone Wild

I thought after last season when the Arizona Diamondbacks fielded one of the youngest teams in Major League Baseball that we had finally seen an end to the youth movement. As is normally the case, I thought wrong. The team announced through a press release that they had signed on with yet another rookie. With as much fanfare as can be mustered in a press clipping the Diamondbacks announced an agreement with Chez Reavie. Wait, who did you say? Let me repeat, the Diamondbacks announced they had reached an agreement with rookie Chez Reavie. With that news I stopped reading the press release and immediately leapt to a browser window and surfed over to Baseball Reference since I had no idea who Chez Reavie was or what position he may be vying for.

My query found zero results and I retyped the name making sure I had not somehow mis-spelled it. No, that was the right spelling I just could not find any record of him being an active player. Well duh, he is a rookie, what was I thinking? I surfed over to the Minor League Baseball web site to look up his minor league stats. Once again my search came up empty. Who was this guy and what made him so special that the Diamondbacks would sign him without any prior major or minor league experience? Well Google had to know about this guy didn’t it? I mean Google even knows about me and I am just a guy from section 112. The name immediately came back and I clicked on the first link. It took me to the Arizona State Sun Devils golf page. What the?!? The Diamondbacks signed a golfer? Not just any golfer but a second-team all-American golfer. Just exactly what did the Diamondbacks plan to do with a golfer? My mind raced at the potential having a golfer on the roster could provide. With the number of sinker ball pitchers increasing this might have some promise. Think about it, this guy is accustomed to hitting balls off the ground and making them fly 300 yards which is well beyond even the center field wall at Chase Field. And the ball he has been accustomed to hit is about 1/5 the size of a baseball so this be a no-brainer to make contact. What an ingenious plan! I was just about ready to send Derrick Hall and Josh Byrnes a letter of congratulations for outthinking the competition giving the Diamondbacks an edge in the competitive NL West when I happened to read further in the press release.

We are thrilled to have Chez wear the D-backs logo on his shirt during play in the FBR Open this week.

Derrick Hall

President Arizona Diamondbacks

Wait a minute, this wasn’t a baseball signing but rather a sponsorship deal with a golfer so that he would wear a Diamondbacks shirt while at the golf tournament? That’s messed up. Here is a guy that the Diamondbacks are sponsoring which means they are giving him free Diamondbacks shirts and in exchange he wears the shirts to go out and play golf. The hopes are that Chez will play well so that the Diamondbacks will have their shirt seen on all 4 days of the tournament but hundreds if not thousands of people. How exactly does a guy go about getting one of those kinds of deals? I mean I have a whole closet of Arizona Diamondbacks gear that I bought with my own money or if you talk to Trina I have a whole closet of Diamondbacks gear that I bought with our food budget money and our kids college funds. There is not a day goes by that I am not wearing an article of Diamondbacks apparel. I am always out and about meaning that I too am probably seen by hundreds if not thousands of people over the course of 4 days. And unlike Chez Reavie I don’t ask people to be quiet when they see me and yell “Go Diamondbacks!” Instead I give them a thumbs up or a high five. I am like the ambassador of Diamondbacks fans. I mean I even have two Chase Field stadium seats in my house. I bet Chez Reavie never approached his wife and suggested that they replace all the dining room chairs with stadium seats because they had their own cup holders. Do you think Chez ever contacted their home builder and asked if they had an option for the house that would accommodate a retractable roof? I bet not.

I’ve been following the D-backs since they first started playing baseball in the desert back in 1998. I am honored to be partnering with such a great organization.

Chez Reavie

I read that last part to Trina and her response was, “wow if that is all it takes to get a Diamondbacks sponsorship then you are qualified out the wazoo.” That is what I love about my wife, she is so articulate. Hey I’ve been following the team since March 9, 1995 so I got Chez beat by a good 4 years. This was starting to sound like a challenge. Hey Chez, was the team awarded on your birthday? Nope, I looked your birthday is in November. That sounds like a Red Sox birthday month if you ask me.

I am beginning to think that maybe I need to send a letter to Derrick Hall and ask what it takes to get a sponsorship as a Diamondbacks Super Fan. I don’t want to toot my own horn (what exactly does that mean anyway?) but I think I am more than adequately qualified to be the Diamondbacks Ambassador of Fans. All I ask is for a couple of shirts from the team shop, a hat and maybe a lightweight jacket with the Diamondbacks logo. In exchange I will promise my undying devotion and commitment to the team and the promise that my game tickets will never go unused. That’s a pretty good deal don’t you think?


  1. David Thomas

    Wow, with the font and background this is THEE most difficult web page to read EVER.

    I know I won’t be back.

  2. Wow, I have never won an award before. I don’t have an acceptance speech prepared or anything. I guess I would have to start by thanking the Diamondbacks for selecting the colors without them I may have chosen a different path. I’d next like to thank my optometrist, through his dedication and hard work my eyesight actually allowed me to think Sonoran Sand typography would stand out against Sedona Red headings and a black background. Finally I would like to thank Microsoft for completely ignoring web standards making it impossible for a designer to create a page that will render accurately in all browsers. This is usually where they queue up the music on those award shows saying I have talked long enough.

    Seriously though, you are the first person ever to comment negatively on the layout. Usually the feedback I get is how much a person likes the clean look to the site and how the contrast between the background and foreground makes it easy to read regardless of the device being used. I am sorry you felt my design was so poorly executed but thanks for voting me “THEE most difficult web page to read EVER” No matter what else happens no one will ever be able to take that distinction away from me.

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