Winter League Wonderland

I tend to enjoy the everyday advantages of living in the United States. I like the idea that I have fast food available at every corner and in many cases multiple fast food options on every corner. I like the idea of having inexpensive and what to me at least looks like unlimited energy. After all when did any of us really question whether a light would actually go on if we flipped the switch? We just take for granted that if we need electricity, gas, or any other energy source it will just be available and for less than many portions of the world pay for that same energy. The types and quantities of entertainment available to us on any given day also seems limitless. If I want to go to a movie I can probably find that movie playing on any number of theater screens around the valley. You have to admit we have things pretty well and you would be hard pressed to find something complain about with one noted exception.

From the end of October until the middle of February there is one thing you can’t get in the United States. One very important thing is missing and is out of reach to us here. You can’t find a professional baseball team playing anywhere. I find it a travesty that baseball has been rationed in this country. Since when did we as a country see fit to allow ourselves to be trapped into a resource shortage? What if instead of baseball we were talking about gasoline? Do you think anyone would stand for not being able to buy gas from the end of October through the middle of February? Or what would happen if we were not able to buy food at the grocery store for one quarter of the year? Those examples are just food and energy, stuff you can live without. I’m talking about important stuff like baseball. From April through September there is baseball every night somewhere in the country. It makes things seem right and normal. But when things darken from November through February it becomes almost unbearable unless of course you are fortunate enough to live closer to the equator. For those lucky individuals they have Winter Baseball to look forward to. During this time of year it is the play-offs for leagues in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and Venezuela. The winners of these leagues meet in what has become known as the Caribbean Series. It takes every ounce of restraint that I can muster not to hope in my car and continue driving south until I can find a baseball game. So while the song Winter Wonderland is played ad nauseam during the holiday season, the true winter wonderland is going on in Santiago Dominican Republic and I’m not there. There is something extremely wrong with this picture.

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