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Leap of Faith

Time is a logical progression of single slices of consciousness. One instance builds upon the previous slice and bridges itself to the next. It is a way for the human mind to try and place order upon its surroundings by evaluating instances and developing a pattern of how things occur and then try to put meaning to them. The problem is that the human mind also likes to put things in nice little containers where everything fits neatly together....

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The Reynolds Rap

Mark Reynolds was the feel-good story of 2007 for the Arizona Diamondbacks. Here was a kid who began the year in Mobile Alabama playing for the Diamondbacks Double-A affiliate when he gets a call to the major league team in an emergency when Chad Tracy suffered an injury. Reynolds came to the parent club and began to light up major league pitching at a blistering pace. Soon pitchers began to realize that Reynolds could hit a fastball a country...

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Giving Montero the Finger

During the off-season many of the Arizona Diamondbacks took some well deserved time off to regroup and get ready for the 2008 season. Some of the players returned to their home countries and started their second season. For a lot of players especially from Latin America it becomes a matter of national pride to play winter ball for their country. Diamondbacks catcher Miguel Montero is one such player. Miguel returned to Venezuela to play for...

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Stephen and the Chipmunks

There are a few things in this world that I just can’t stand. The top three in no particular order are the gyrating moves of Rally Sally in the upper deck, the “great Troy Tulowitzki”, and going to the dentist. The first two on this list I can at some point tolerate. Oh sure I am still hopeful that someone will sit behind Rally Sally and give her a gently nudge off the upper deck or that she has changed her allegiance and has...

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How to Get Killed in One Easy Click

Besides my invitation to Evening on the Diamond, I had one other piece of Sedona Red mail. This one seemed a lot more affordable, or so I thought. The Arizona Diamondbacks had previously announced on their web site that single game tickets for the 2008 regular season would go on sale at 9:00 AM on Saturday March 1. I had marked the calendar with a Sedona Red circle and hearts which interestingly enough looked just like Valentine’s Day....

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A Case of Mistaken Identity

We have an interesting phenomenon that occurs in our house. Myself or one of the kids will go to the mailbox every day and retrieve the mail. We’ll then walk back to the house and after removing the mail addressed to whoever picked up the mail the remainder will be deposited on the edge of the cupboard. On the surface you would think this would work out very well and be quite an efficient method of dealing with the postal mail....

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The Invisible Man

The starting rotation for the Arizona Diamondbacks has garnered a lot of attention this off season and rightfully so. It will definitely be a source of strength for the team entering the 2008 season and from top to bottom should be a force to be reckoned with. The fifth starter is typically someone who is good enough to start but is the person most likely to be skipped in order to keep the front line of the rotation on schedule. In the...

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Contractually Yours

Today was the first full day of workouts for the entire team. Everyone with the exception of Tony Pena is now in camp and ready to get going. Pena is still facing issues getting a visa that will allow him to enter the United States. Much of the problem stems from a case of mistaken identity where Pena played his first few of seasons under the name of his cousin Adriano Rosario. The Diamondbacks should find out in the next few days what the...

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Hot For Trot

Going into the off-season after the 2007 season one of the biggest questions surrounding the Arizona Diamondbacks was how they were going to relieve the logjam they had at the corner infield positions. At times during the 2007 campaign Bob Melvin found himself with four very viable options for two positions. It is a decision that many managers would envy but it can be difficult especially of all four players deserve to be the starter. Part of...

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