When we first moved to Arizona I was amazed to finally be living in what I considered a major sports city. My definition of “major sports city” left something to be desired I have to admit. This was a basketball town that was for sure. The Phoenix Suns were a season removed from a heartbreaking loss to the Michael Jordan-led Chicago Bulls and we were in the midst of Charles Barkley mania. The round mound of rebound was everywhere; on the radio, at the airport, in shopping centers and restaurants. You couldn’t go anywhere in the valley without hearing about a Barkley sighting. The NBA was not the only game in town, there was also the Arizona Cardinals of the National Football League. Of course you would get an argument from many in the valley that the Cardinals did not classify as a major sport and barely classified as an NFL franchise. Not being a football fan I really couldn’t come up with a valid argument that they truly were “major sport” worthy.

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