As a kid growing up I remember February as a month of strange celebrations. It began on February 12 when we celebrated the birthday of Abraham Lincoln. That was followed shortly by Valentine’s which taught us at a very early age that the best way to a girls heart was through a fancy card and some candy. This was of course augmented as we got older and had to add expensive jewelry to the list of things that women find romantic. Once Valentine’s Day was over we moved on to February 22 when we celebrated George Washington’s birthday. In school we made stove-pipe hats and wore fake beards to begin the month and ended wearing powdered wigs and making our teeth look wooden. It was an interesting month to say the least. At some point the powers that be decided that the United States had more than two presidents and hence there should be a federal holiday that would recognize all the accomplishments of the Executive branch of the government. This resulted in the establishment of President’s Day. And in order for federal employees to be assured of a long weekend the holiday would always fall on the third Monday of February.

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