The starting rotation for the Arizona Diamondbacks has garnered a lot of attention this off season and rightfully so. It will definitely be a source of strength for the team entering the 2008 season and from top to bottom should be a force to be reckoned with. The fifth starter is typically someone who is good enough to start but is the person most likely to be skipped in order to keep the front line of the rotation on schedule. In the Diamondbacks case the fifth starter is someone who may not only be counted on for his arm but also with his bat. Micah Owings has drawn a substantial amount of press by winning a Silver Slugger award in his rookie season. His prowess with the lumber caused manager Bob Melvin to ponder aloud at the winter meetings wondering if perhaps Micah might take infield practice and play first base on occasion just to give him more at-bats. That notion was subsequently shot down when Spring Training opened as Melvin stated that Owings was going to be counted upon to contribute on the mound every 5 days. The front of the pitching staff has likewise found themselves as the center of attention.

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