A Day Without Baseball…

You would think that today would be one of those days where you begin to channel Uncle Remus from the Disney Movie Song of the South. I fully expected to get up, put on my best work clothes and head out the door and begin singing Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Da whereby Mr. Blue Bird would perch on my shoulder and together we musically account for a “wonderful day”. I mean this is the day I had been waiting for since October. Pitchers and catchers are now in Tucson and at the Kino Sports Park you would be hearing the crack of leather as they began the first day of drills to open the 2008 season. Why then am I not jumping up and down with excitement? Well there are probably two reasons for that.

First, I am not in Tucson I am in Chandler and last time I checked I had absolutely no real or imagined justification of why I needed to be in Tucson that wasn’t baseball related. And since there are no games scheduled until the end of the month Trina just cannot understand why we would travel 2.5 hours to watch a group of grown men play catch. Quite honestly when she put it in those terms; I didn’t have an answer. If I wanted to watch people play catch I could just as easily go down to the local community park and chances are I would be able to see the exact same thing just on a smaller scale. Still, I am quite a resourceful and creative guy so I am sure I could find some reason to go to Tucson even if it involved concocting a story involving border patrol, national security, and alien abduction. But even if I were to somehow through the miracle of creative writing pull that off, there was an even bigger reason for not having Mr. Blue Bird on my shoulder whistling a happy tune; it was raining. Living in the desert we don’t get rain very often. In fact, when I was researching moving to Arizona one statistic I found interesting was that Arizona by and large receives less than 10 inches of rain per year. What that statistic failed to mention was that those 10 inches of rain generally occur in about 3 days so when it rains it really rains. One thing I have learned as a baseball fan is that rain and baseball workouts rarely mix. This meant that it was a very real possibility that there would be no practice at Tucson Electric Park. Instead the pitchers and catchers would do their drills and throwing sessions in the comfort of the tunnels within the bowels of the stadium leaving the adoring fans outside shivering in the wetness of the day. If I had no justification for going to Tucson before I was sure my chances were inconceivably more difficult with the forecast of rain. So me and the water logged Mr. Blue Bird would not be dancing down a tree lined lane today singing of the sunshine and joys of being alive. Instead I would be out shopping with Trina in of all places a Hallmark store. While she was standing in line to purchase whatever it is that women purchase at Hallmark I was aimlessly wandering the aisles. Absently I reached out and picked up a card that had one of those inspirational messages that you typically see in an airline magazine. “A day without you is like a day without sunshine”. I briefly thought about buying the card and sending it down to Chase Field but then I thought perhaps that would come across as really weird to have a guy send a card to a stadium. So instead I just stuck my hands back in my jacket pocket and made my way out the door and into the drizzling weather.

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