And So It Begins…

For the past 127 days, 11 hours and 43 minutes I have been pacing the floor waiting for this day to finally arrive. I suffered through 4 long games watching the “Great Troy Tulowitzki” and his cronies play in a World Series that should have included the Arizona Diamondbacks. I struggled as Major League Baseball announced Jake Peavy had beaten Brandon Webb in the Cy Young award voting even though Webb’s number in 2007 were better than they were in 2008 when he won the award. I danced and cheered as Micah Owings won his Silver Slugger and Orlando Hudson won his second Gold Glove. But through it all my mind was squarely focused on this day.

This is one of those days that I have a hard time believing is not a national holiday. Obviously the Hallmark Corporation is missing out on a tremendous revenue opportunity. There should be parades, the kids should be excused from school and mailmen everywhere should be given the day off. Instead there was minimal press coverage. Instead the news stations chose to devote their air time to trivial things such as presidential primaries and other meaningless drivel. As I got to the office today I again checked with our admin to see if today someone in upper management awoke and realized their error and called the office to say we would indeed be closed today. And for the gazillionth time I had to explain why today should be a holiday. I find it so hard to believe that so few people know that today is Spring Training reporting day. There are times I just do not understand society.

For a brief moment I considered driving the two and a half hours south to Tucson to be there as the position players arrived at camp. When I suggested this to Trina she just shook her head. “Why in the world would you go to Tucson? It is not as though you have to prepare for Spring Training. You’re just a fan.” Wow, that last comment hit me like a Randy Johnson fastball. Just a fan? What the heck does that mean? I don’t think she understands what it takes to be a baseball fan. It is not like you can just turn this stuff on and off like a faucet. Oh, I shouldn’t have used that phrase considering that I was supposed to fix the faucet in the kids’ bathroom right after the World Series ended and it still wasn’t done. But getting back to me and my argument for a second; it takes a lot of work to be a dedicated baseball fan. You have to check the transaction log daily and read the newspaper. You have to send your daily hate mail to the newspaper for their lack of baseball coverage during the off-season. You have to check Major League Baseball’s web page and the Arizona Diamondbacks web page to make sure you didn’t somehow sleep through a press release. You have to begin your conditioning regime so that once games start you are able to walk the concourse of the stadium and climb the stairs necessary to make it to your seat. You have to do deep knee bends so that you are properly stretched out for the countless times you have to get out of your seat during every game as people come and go to their seats which in most cases are not even in your section but they got lost during their beer run (another reason to stop beer sales after the seventh inning.) So today while Arizona Diamondbacks players filter into the clubhouse and begin to set up camp for the next six weeks I am at home digging through scorebooks and taking inventory of the seat cushions making plans to begin to get myself into baseball shape. Yeah, Spring Training is finally here!

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