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Besides my invitation to Evening on the Diamond, I had one other piece of Sedona Red mail. This one seemed a lot more affordable, or so I thought. The Arizona Diamondbacks had previously announced on their web site that single game tickets for the 2008 regular season would go on sale at 9:00 AM on Saturday March 1. I had marked the calendar with a Sedona Red circle and hearts which interestingly enough looked just like Valentine’s Day. But according to the postcard I received in the mail, Season Ticket Holders have an opportunity to purchase single game tickets before they go on sale to the general public and could actually begin placing orders today; just another benefit to being a Diamondbacks Season Ticket holder. This is the part of the blog entry where we pause for a brief advertising endorsement suggesting to everyone to rush over to the Arizona Diamondbacks web site and order your season tickets. So you don’t forget order before midnight tonight. Now back to our regularly scheduled entry.

Single Game Ticket day is a special time around our house. It is a day when we sit down as a family and plan our family vacations. Trina and the kids have another name for it, they view this as Dad’s Work Release Program. They may give me a bad time and complain that we seem to spend every waking hour at Chase Field. This year they are even more nervous especially when I suggested Chase Field as a destination when the family asked if we could go camping this summer. Prior to the opening of ticket sales, we sit down and begin to create a game plan of who will be going to which games and when we might need to purchase an additional ticket or two. For the kids this means going to the Diamondbacks web site or NowHitting and looking at the upcoming promotional schedule. As I read out each one of the giveaways the kids would call out whether they wanted to go to that game. Any giveaway resulting in an argument is a candidate for additional tickets. Last year it was bobble head nights and lunchbox day. Today was more of the same. There were all sorts of hands in the air for Opening Day. Even Whitney the “book worm” chose to go to that game. The tenth anniversary celebration game on April 12 also resulted in more requests than tickets. When we got to Micah Owings Silver Slugger Bobble Head on April 19 there was a near fist fight causing Cheerios to fly across the room. I would say that game needs extra tickets. Similar disruptions were witnessed for May 17, August 23, and September 13 all of which were also bobble head games. Looking over the schedule those were also bobble head games. We had a lot of issues with June 1. Everyone wants to go to that game and everyone wants the giveaway. Unfortunately the Baxter Bobble Head Toothbrush Holders are only available to kids 12-and younger. Dakota immediately announced he would accept bribes in exchange for his toothbrush holder. He is definitely taking this age thing way too far. I made a note to myself to begin looking for alternative small children to adopt for June 1. Not wanting to leave anyone out I called Mallorie and Ashley to see when they may be visiting or home from college so that I had extra tickets for them too. At the end of the exercise I had a pretty good list of what games to get and when. When the anointed time came I was at the computer, my fingers ablaze as I moved from series to series picking each game from my list. It was like poetry. Soon my shopping cart was filled to the brim. An entire summer of Sedona Red goodness. I quickly went through the checkout process and raised my hands in victory! It wasn’t until that particular moment that I looked at the total of my shopping experience. I think I spent the equivalent of another season ticket. And as if that was not bad enough to try and explain to Trina I just realized that I somehow had overlooked July 19 – Bob Melvin Manager of the Year Bobble Head meaning I still need to order a few more tickets. It probably wouldn’t be so bad but just yesterday I gave Trina a bad time for buying yet more scrapbook materials. She is never going to let me hear the end of this.

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  1. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t all promo games that your family wanted to attend are on weekends? Why didn’t you follow your own advice from 1st paragraph and follow the link and purchase 2 tickets for weekender pass

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