T-Minus (X) Days

I am not exactly sure what it is about my personality but for whatever reason I seem to be fascinated with numbers and countdowns. At any given moment I have identified some sort of event and I am counting down towards it. When I was a kid I counted down the hours on Independence Day until I could light fireworks. I counted down the number of days until Santa Claus arrived on Christmas Eve. I counted down the seconds until the big mirrored ball fell on television at Times Square. I counted down the days until school was over and summer vacation would arrive. As I have gotten older I figured I would outgrow this obsession with countdowns but the fascination has persisted. All that has really changed is the event I am counting down.

Take today for example. As I got up and looked at the calendar I immediately began my mental list of countdowns. February 8, that means that there are only 7 days or one week until pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training. That means only 8 days until the Diamondbacks first workout. That of course means that there is only 12 days until all the players report to Spring Training. Wow, do you realize that there are only three weeks until the Diamondbacks first Spring Training game against the Chicago White Sox at Tucson Electric Park? And lest we forget there are only 52 days 3 hours and 27 minutes until Opening Day. But among all of the things I am counting down (and oddly enough thinking through my mental countdowns they all seem to somehow involve baseball I wonder what that means) the one that brings the most anxiety is the event that occurs only 26 hours and 5 minutes from now. Yes kids it’s time for the annual Diamondbacks Fan Fest. That lovable little event where homeless Diamondbacks Fans eagerly await the time when they can finally enter the stadium without resorting to motorcycle races or monster truck rallies. I have gotten the kids worked up into a frenzy of anticipation. Notice I said kids and not family. As hard as I try I cannot seem to get Trina excited about Fan Fest. When I happened to mention it to her all I got was, “you mean I don’t get to sleep in on the only day that I don’t have something going on?” I so wanted to mention the fact that I had to endure an entire day at a quilt show but bringing up that painful subject not only would leave me huddled in a corner in the fetal position but would also eliminate the only good bullet I have in my arsenal for getting to fantasy camp. I just smiled politely and suggested that Valentine’s Day is coming… I honestly have no idea why I said that as I have no clue what I am doing for Valentine’s Day except attending Derrick Hall’s monthly chat. But I figured the team shop will be open at Fan Fest so I can get my shopping done while enjoying a Diamondbacks experience. After all, what nothing says “I love you” quite like something in Sedona Red. So for the remainder of the day I am going sit back and count down the time until I finally get to go back home to Chase Field. This is going to be a very long day.

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