It’s funny how quickly your week can go from great to crappy. Not funny in the sense of a clown getting a cream pie in the face. More like funny in the sense of seeing the guy in Wal-Mart dressed in a Phoenix Suns uniform but wearing a fur coat under his tank top then as you get closer you realize it’s not a fur coat it is his back. Yeah that is kind of how this week is turning out for me. It started out with the idea of having a few days off from work and taking in a different Spring Training baseball game every day of the week basking in the warm Arizona sun and assessing a team’s chances for the 2008 season. That dream was quickly destroyed with a pipe wrench. Then it really went downhill when I realized that I couldn’t read a calendar. When the first half of your week goes this poorly there is not a whole lot more you can do except crawl back into bed and pull the covers up over your head and pray for the bad dreams to end.

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