After all the preparations yesterday you would have thought that Easter morning would have gone off without a hitch. We had colored eggs, baskets for each of the children, enough plastic grass to rip a whole the size of Chase Field in the ozone layer of the atmosphere, and candy that would ensure the full dentist’s employment act of 2008. What could possibly have been a problem then? Well it seems that I missed one important requirement during my egg-filling assignment. I was supposed to count the number of eggs that the Easter Bunny would be hiding. I erroneously assumed that a rabbit capable of standing on its hind eggs and carrying a basket despite not having opposable thumbs was somehow capable of mathematical cognitive skills. In layman’s terms I didn’t realize that the Easter Bunny can’t count or he is incapable of such a simple task as documenting exactly how many eggs he had hidden. The ramification of this error is that I have no idea how many eggs were hidden nor was I privy to the secret hiding places a rabbit puts plastic eggs. We therefore have the dilemma of not knowing whether all eggs have been accounted for.

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