Within the last week Major League Baseball modified their web site to give it an updated look and feel. I have not been a big fan of their site for quite some time but it was a necessary evil considering that is where most of the official baseball news is reported you had to go there. I immediately liked the new layout as it seemed like things were more logically placed (at least they were more logical to me; your mileage may vary). I did question why they would allow you to select your favorite team under the Headlines section and display the first three stories from the team web site. This seems counterproductive to the idea of driving visitors to the team web sites. Considering that MLB now controls all of the web sites for the various teams this doesn’t make a lot of sense. Still, it looks more content driven and less advertising driven than the previous incarnation which is a very good thing. And since as I said MLB controls the team web sites I was anticipating that the Diamondbacks web site would soon follow suit with a new look and feel that would mimic that of MLB.com

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