For the past several years I have been using IX Web Hosting to host all of my sites. I have been relatively pleased with their service overall. As with any hosting company there have been some minor glitches but nothing that would lead me to move to another hosting company. Recently I have been having intermittent problems getting to my sites. After working with the technical support group of IX Web Hosting it was determined that the server I am currently on needs to be upgraded. As luck would have it, there is a planned outage as servers are moved into a new data center. As a result many of my sites will undoubtedly suffer intermittent periods where they are unavailable. Please don’t worry, the sites are not going away, they are merely moving to hopefully newer and more powerful servers. The sites affected include

Please bear with me during this time. I’ll attempt to update the blog with entries to catch up where necessary once service has been restored. These outages should all be resolved by March 31 at the latest (assuming DNS propagation occurs normally).

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