After last night’s game the Arizona Diamondbacks began packing up for their first road trip of the 2008 season. Tomorrow is Opening Day for the snakes as they visit Cincinnati Ohio to face the Reds in a three game series. For months I have tried to find a reason to go to Cincinnati so that I could just happen to attend a baseball game too. But oddly enough I could find absolutely nothing that I could justify going to that city for. That’s not necessarily a slam on Cincinnati Ohio, I am sure it is a very nice place. It’s just that other than baseball I can’t find anything to do in that town. And since Trina seems to believe that 81 regular season games and 2 Spring Training games at Chase Field is quite enough baseball that means I’ll be sitting out this road trip. That means I am going to need to find another way to follow the Diamondbacks at least for the first six games of the season.

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