Calendar Challenged

Early in the week we had a family council where we sat down and decided what kinds of things we wanted to get done this week. Since it is Spring Break for the kids we wanted to make sure we did something each of them wanted to do. Trina of course was the sensible one. She wanted to make sure the bathroom faucets got fixed. This comment resulted in a large moan by everyone especially me since I would be the one having to fix them. Dakota want to go shoot guns and ride motorcycles. I have no idea why everyone stared at me when he said that. It is not like I suggested arming a biker gang of 10 year olds. Whitney suggested that we should go to the mall and shop. This got lots of moans and groans – from Dakota and me anyways. Tiffany just wanted to sleep which I guess is typical for a 17-year old. I of course wanted to go to a Spring Training game. Trina said she thought that was doable. At that point I probably should have left well enough alone but I just had to push the envelope a little by adding, “every day.” This resulted in yet another lecture about how our lives do not revolve around baseball. I still don’t understand why that personality flaw continues to get brought up. I can’t help it if they have messed up priorities.

Trina and the kids agreed that we would go to one Spring Training of my choice. At that moment I was happier than Dakota on a motorcycle with a handgun. I spent the next several hours looking over the Cactus League schedule to pick the perfect game. Initially I thought Scottsdale Stadium on Friday to watch the San Francisco Giants play the Diamondbacks. I went to purchase tickets only to find the game sold out. Next I thought Tempe Diablo Stadium on Saturday to see the Diamondbacks play the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim but that game too had limited ticket availability. I finally settled on Phoenix Municipal Stadium on Thursday March 12 to see the Diamondbacks play the Oakland Athletics. They say that the plan is in the details. First off I have no idea who “they” are and second I have no idea what that means or at least I didn’t until today. All week long as we went from activity to activity my mind was firmly focused on Thursday and going to the Diamondbacks game. With three kids and a wife the number of activities during Spring Break are massive. It never even dawned on me to check the calendar to make sure I had everything straight. I just assumed that when I said I wanted to go to a Spring Training game on March 12 and Trina penciled it in as Thursday that we were cool. So today being Wednesday the family went about their day shopping, begging for motorcycles and hand guns, and of course sleeping. I was bouncing back and forth between kids when Tiffany emerged from her room late in the afternoon and asked, “I thought we were going to a Diamondbacks game?”

“Well Sleeping Beauty, the game is on Thursday so luckily you didn’t oversleep.” I sarcastically replied.

“I thought the game was March 12?” she asked.

“It is” I replied

“Today is March 12” she stated nonchalantly.

At that point I stopped dead in my tracks then rushed to the calendar. There under the heading of Wednesday was March 12. I looked down at my watch and it was 4:30 PM. I looked at the Cactus League schedule and saw first pitch was scheduled for 1:05 PM. The next few moments was eerily like the final scene from the movie Planet of the Apes when Charlton Heston comes face-to-face with what is left of the Statue of Liberty along the beach. About the only thing missing was that Trina was not scantily dressed in a fur bikini and she isn’t a mute. Me on the other hand was down on all fours with fists raised to the sky screaming, “You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, curse you! Curse you all!” It was at that particular moment that I was grateful that Dakota didn’t get his wish and we didn’t have motorcycles and guns in the house.

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