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Traditionally the day before Easter at our house is filled with several activities that take the majority of our time and efforts. Early that morning I am responsible for making the trek out to the garage and try to remember where I had stored the Easter decorations and paraphernalia such as baskets, grass, and plastic eggs. This effort would be much easier if I would consistently use the same box or store it in the same place. The problem is that Easter usually occurs during Spring Training or worse during the regular season. This means that after Easter about the last thing I am thinking about is putting the Easter decorations in a place where I can find them the next year. Instead I am interested in checking off the item on the honey do list so I can get back to watching the baseball games. This means that the following year I will be once again sent to the garage to retrieve the decorations which will result in a near-death experience of narrowly escaping falling boxes that contain Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas decorations and a vow that this is the last year this will occur and an empty promise that I will for sure put the decorations in a place that is easy to find and retrieve for next year.

The next event on the docket will be taking the plastic eggs and locking myself in the bedroom where the eggs will be filled with sugar goodness. Trina has given me strict instructions that the eggs are to have equal parts chocolate, jelly beans, and non-chocolate items. There should be a certain percentage that should be healthy as well. That’s just crazy talk. What kid wants to find an egg containing a health snack? That would seriously ruin Easter. Looking over the bags of filler I had accumulated I quickly realized that none of it could possibly be considered healthy. Being the resourceful guy that I am and not wanting to venture out into the stores and fight the crowds I improvised. I went to the dresser and retrieved all the loose change that I could possibly find. There is absolutely no way Trina could fault that right? I mean I am empowering the children to make healthy choices by giving them money with which they can purchase their own healthy snacks. This was in my estimation a brilliant solution. Rather than take all the credit; I would leave that as a surprise for the kids and Trina tomorrow. No use spoiling things before hand. Filling plastic eggs is about one of my least favorite things to do. First off there seems to be an endless supply of eggs that increases every year. No matter how many I fill there is still a whole bag of empty eggs still staring at me reminding me of how much work I have ahead of me. Finally after what seems like hours I finish the task and hide the now filled eggs in the closet to be set out tonight after the kids go to bed.DSC_0101.jpg

The final item on our pre-Easter list is the coloring of the eggs. This is always the most interesting aspect of Easter. I have no idea how we went from a religious celebration of the breaking of deaths bands to a holiday filled with large walking rabbits and dyed eggs but I can say that coloring eggs does seem like a lot more fun than decorating the house like an empty tomb. First thing that we have to do is to hard boil the eggs. Trina typically does this part but for some unknown reason this task was left to me today. I like to think of myself as a fairly intelligent guy so when I came to the realization that I didn’t really have any clue how to boil eggs I felt a little underprepared for this assignment. My first inclination was to think, “How hard can it be to stick some eggs in a pot of water and cook them?” That of course was the wrong question to ask. I was inundated with suggestions and recommendations for cooking eggs. Most of these suggestions were contradictory so I did what I do best, I Googled boiling eggs. I did not expect to receive 266,000 search results for my query. I quickly settled on Wikipedia as an appropriate source and read up on the process of egg boiling. After an hour of following link after link I threw up my hands and just stuck some eggs in a pot and covered them with water. I then turned on the heat and turned on a baseball game. I figured the eggs should be completely cooked within a couple of innings. I later found out that I was off in my estimation and eggs are probably adequately hard boiled within a couple of outs especially if Doug Davis is pitching. Once the eggs were cooked and cooled it was time for some serious coloring. Donning my best mad scientist lab coat I set up rows of cups filling them with food coloring, vinegar, and boiling water. When I was done I had a rainbow of bubbling cups set before the kids with cartons of eggs. The irony of the situation did not escape me. I think it’s comical that we are so worried about our kids that we will not allow them to play in the front year without parental supervision but we don’t think twice about letting our kids play with dairy products and boiling water. Egg coloring seems to take forever as the inner artist escapes and takes control of the kids’ personalities. In the end we have a Technicolor cornucopia of goodness. I couldn’t let this go by without documenting the results. It was definitely a Kodak moment. So as the final rays of daylight seep into the darkness of night we are now ready for Easter. I hope the Easter Bunny appreciates all the hard work we put into these preparations.

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