Happy Birthday Diamondbacks!

March 9, 1995 was a big day. Some would say it was a life changing day. Ok nobody would say it was a life changing day except maybe me. We can probably all agree that is was a good day or at least an interesting day. While many will celebrate March 31 as the day the Arizona Diamondbacks were born in 1998 it was actually March 9, 1995 that saw the birth of a baseball franchise. At the owners meetings in Florida the Arizona Diamondbacks and Tampa Bay Devil Rays were introduced as the newest franchises in Major League Baseball. This was a huge story in Arizona and even more so in our house.

March 9 was not just the day the Diamondbacks were born, it was also my birthday. It was at this point that Trina should have realized that life in our house was going to change (hence my assessment that this was a life changing day). image005.jpgShe was married to a guy who played baseball and now lived and breathed the game. Could there have been any other outcome than for me to become an Arizona Diamondbacks fan? When the Diamondbacks were announced I was still at work finishing up a migration of a data center at Motorola. We were knee deep in wires and testing equipment ensuring that circuits were live and network traffic was moving properly. I remember getting a call from Trina and having her explain every last detail of the logos and color scheme. It was a memory that will live with me forever. A few days after that announcement I had the family at what was then America West Arena where we stood in the pouring rain waiting in line to pay $50 as a deposit for season tickets to a season that was three years in the future. I hung on every news item that described the making of the franchise. I was one of the first people that bought a Diamondbacks home jersey when they were unveiled and by the time the Diamondbacks held their first draft I had already collected every hat they had produced and my wardrobe was quickly defined as Purple, Turquoise, White and Black. Each year as I celebrate my birthday I incorporate something from the Diamondbacks into the festivities. This year was no exception. When Trina came to me to ask what kind of cake I wanted I did not hesitate. I wanted a cake with a Sedona Red Diamondbacks logo on the top. I couldn’t imagine that being a problem. After all, doesn’t everyone want a Diamondbacks cake? According to Trina the answer to that is no. She went to several bakeries looking for a Diamondbacks cake and no one had one. What kind of Colorado Rockies conspiracy is this? This had to be some kind of strange joke not having a Diamondbacks cake available. Trina and the kids were not deterred. Instead she showed the resourcefulness that I have come to love. Armed with two boxes of cake mix and several ounces of frosting she went to work and created a Sedona Red masterpiece. I of course wanted to help and drew a Diamondbacks “A” logo that could be used as a stencil. In the end the cake turned out awesome. I proudly examined the dessert knowing I had the greatest wife in the world. When the kids begin installing the candles on the cake I was somewhat worried. I wasn’t sure that it would not set the smoke alarms in the house off when I blew out the candles. But my fears were unfounded. As the last words of the song “Happy Birthday” drifted off into the darkness I made a wish and blew out the candles. What did I wish for? A Diamondbacks World Series Championship of course.

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