I’ve Got a Golden Ticket

About 10 days ago I went online and ordered tickets to a select few games for the 2008 Arizona Diamondbacks tickets. These are in addition to the two Diamondbacks season tickets I have in Section 112 Row 8 Seats 7-8. It is important that I keep repeating our seat location. If I don’t I’ll never remember where I am sitting for the upcoming season. I can’t think of many things more embarrassing than showing up for Opening Day and sitting in the wrong seats. The extra tickets were ordered so that the entire family could attend certain games throughout the season. Most of these tickets are for bobble head games or some other special promotion. Also included in these are tickets to games where we have friends or family who will be in town. I figured I needed to get tickets otherwise I’d never get to see them when they come to town since I would be at the ballpark. (Please don’t start with the argument that I should stay home when we have company, I get enough of that lecture at home.)

When I ordered the tickets I guess I just assumed that they would arrive sometime close to the beginning of the season. As long as they arrived prior to Opening Day I guess I was cool. What I had not expected was that these tickets would show up so quickly. I went down to the mailbox today to retrieve the mail. I had expected that I would probably get the daily allotment of bills or paper-based propaganda. Instead lying at the top of the pile of mail was a white and Sedona Red envelope. Ah, there is nothing quite as satisfying as receiving a letter from home. No matter how bad my day had gone (and today went pretty poorly) a Sedona Red envelope will make my life better. So with a song in my heart I skipped all the way from the mailbox to my front door. That of course is not a sight that my neighbors nor my family are particularly comfortable in viewing. It didn’t much matter because I got a letter from the Diamondbacks and you didn’t, Na, na, na, na. I went into the house and deposited the other inconsequential mail on the counter and went straight for the letter opener. Although I can’t be positive I could have sworn that the envelope opening sounded like the D-Backs Swing team song. I mentioned that to Trina and she responded, “You think everything sounds like that Diamondbacks song.” You know, I think Trina’s voice sounds like that D-Backs Swing song come to think of it. Not that Trina sounds like Roger Clyne. Well maybe she does, I haven’t ever talked to Roger Clyne so I don’t know what his voice sounds like. After a few moments of that song drifting through my mind I returned to reality and focused my efforts on the now opened envelope. Inside were newly printed 2008 regular season tickets to the Arizona Diamondbacks games. I took each ticket in my hand and held it up admiring it. I tried to imagine what it would be like entering the gates with this ticket in my hand. Walking through the doors to the stadium concourse surrounded by other Diamondbacks fans eagerly awaiting the beginning of another game. The smell of fresh cut grass and Hungry Hill Sausages permeates the air begging you to partake in their goodness. These weren’t just tickets to a ballgame they were tickets to unlock the wonders of baseball and perhaps admission to history. There is nothing quite as magical as holding a baseball ticket in your hand. I can hardly wait for baseball season to begin.


  1. So the question is…do you have your season tickets yet…because mine are not here yet and I am getting antsy.

  2. No, my season tickets have not arrived yet either. It is usually the third week in March that they are shipped. I’ve already started pacing back and forth and I am sure the mailman will start to avoid me as I begin my annual stalking of the mail truck waiting for the package to arrive.

  3. I got a letter yesterday informing me that my tickets had been printed and would arrive shortly. Now I will rush home every day to see if they are there…

    reminds me of Fever Pitch….*smells season tickets* This Smells Like The Year

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