I’ve Got Good News and Bad News

Today is a day I have been looking forward to for a very long time. After what seemed like forever there is once again baseball at Chase Field. Today marks the first of two Spring Training games that will be held at Chase. These are usually a lot of fun and give the fans and the team an opportunity to a tune up to get ready for when baseball counts and the regular season begins. With the gates beginning to open you would think this would be the perfect day but that is not necessarily the case. When I was a kid my brother and I used to play this game called Good News and Bad News. It went sort of like this. “Hey, I got good news. You don’t have to go to school today!” My brother would reply, “Wow that really is good news!” Then I would respond with something like, “Yeah but I have some bad news, you have to go to the dentist.” At that point he would get all bummed out. It was fun messing with his head that way. Well today’s Diamondbacks game brought back memories of that goofy kid’s game that went something like this.

Hey I got good news; there is an Arizona Diamondbacks game at Chase Field! Oh but I have some bad news; they are playing the Colorado Rockies and the “great Troy Tulowitzki”. Of all the players and all the stadiums in the world why did he have to come into mine? It felt a little like when you get a scab over a wound that is just starting to heal then you rub it against something and the scab comes off and the healing process has to start all over again. If this happens enough times you end up with scar tissue that just doesn’t look right.

Hey I got good news; after a whole off-season of not being able to sample the culinary delights of Chase Field tonight you get to relive the tastes of the ballpark! Oh that is good news, I have been dreaming of a Hungry Hill Italian Sausage all winter long! And since the whole family is going to the game today Trina and each of the kids have their hearts set upon their favorite ballpark foods. Trina can’t wait to get an order of mini-chimichungas at Garcias. Tiffany like me can hardly wait for a Hungry Hill. Whitney will order the same thing she has since 1998, a Blimpie turkey sandwich on white. Dakota like most little boys is just wants a McDonalds hamburger and fries. These are the traditional foods that we have grown up with over the 10 years of going to the games. Oh but I have some bad news; there is no spicy mustard for the Hungry Hill sausages, they ran out of mini-chimichungas, DSC_0216.jpgand both Blimpie and McDonalds are no longer concessionaires at Chase Field. And while Dakota was slightly disappointed that McDonalds was no longer in the ballpark he quickly shrugged it off and settled for a Fatburger. I wish I could say that Whitney took the loss of Blimpie as well. She is a fairly even tempered child so I was quite surprised to hear how angry she was about the loss of her favorite food establishment. She wanted to leave the stadium at that moment and never come back. She further wanted me to “email Derrick Hall and tell him how unhappy I am that I can no longer get a sandwich at the ballpark. Oh and tell him that the team shop really needs to sell Chapstick so that when someone forgets theirs that they don’t have to have chapped lips for the whole game.” Yeah I was pretty sure I was not going to send the president of the Diamondbacks an email asking him about sandwiches and Chapstick. I think things may have been ok if Blimpie had been replaced by Subway or Quiznos but no these food booths were just left empty.

Hey I got good news; the new JumboTron is finished and you can now see highlights in high definition! Oh but I have some bad news; some of those shots of the fans in the stands makes you wish you didn’t have high definition. Here’s a tip people, if you don’t have a shirt on and you look in the mirror and you have to stop and remember if you are wearing a sweater then you should probably either shave the hair off or cover it up. The guy sitting behind you shouldn’t have to worry about whether your back hair fell in his beer or not. These are images no fan should have to be subjected to especially not on a state-of-the-art JumboTron.

And this was perhaps the most heart wrenching episode of all. Hey I got good news; Doug Davis is making his last start of Spring Training! Oh but I have some bad news; it was announced today that Davis has been diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Davis is planning to make his first two starts of the season then go in for surgery to remove a cancerous growth sidelining him for at least a month. It is news like this that puts baseball into the proper perspective. Al of our thoughts and prayers will go with Doug Davis and his family with the hope that the surgery goes well and that he will fully recover. Not because the Diamondbacks desperately need him to pitch this season but because a 32 year old father and husband deserves to be with his family without having to worry about cancer and possibly missing out on the life experiences of seeing his children grow up and spending countless hours with his wife raising their family. It seemed pretty inconsequential whether the Diamondbacks won or lost that game. In fact it didn’t even matter if Davis pitched well. Instead it matters that he is able to heal and hopefully overcome this medical issue to remain close to his family.

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