Season Ticket Holder

“Jeff, it’s midnight.” I barely heard Trina’s voice. I was too busy standing at the front window peering through the blinds at the quiet street and the darkness of the neighbor’s house across the street. “What are you doing?” she asked. “The postcard said that my Diamondbacks Season Tickets would be delivered on March 15″ I replied still staring out the window. “I don’t think that they meant that your tickets would be delivered the moment the calendar flipped to March 15” she said. “The postcard wasn’t real specific so I don’t want to take any chances” I replied. “Are you going to spend the whole night in front of that window?” She asked. “If that’s what it takes, yes.” I said in the most determined voice I possessed. With that Trina turned and headed upstairs to bed. She said something about obsession and mental health but I was too busy watching the window for movement to understand her completely. I have no idea how she could sleep at a time like this. Doesn’t she understand what this day means?

This will be the first time that I will hold in my hands the tickets for the 2008 season. This is a bigger deal than when our kids were born. Of course I won’t mention that last sentence to Trina. I did that before and I am not sure I can deal with another lecture like I got that day. No I am going to keep my mouth shut just wait patiently for the mailman to arrive. According to my watch he is 18 minutes late, where is that guy? The next several hours were spent pacing back and forth my eyes going from the clock to the window and back to the clock. Where is this guy? I have half a mind to pick up a phone and call the Post Office and complain. Well I would do that if it wasn’t 3:00 in the morning. It’s probably a good thing that I don’t have the Postmaster General’s home phone number. I might just have called him and expressed my displeasure in the tardiness of my mail delivery. Slowly the pacing came to a stop and while I fought a desperate fight to stay awake exhaustion finally overtook me just as the first rays of sunlight crept across the window sill. I was no longer in front of that cold window. Instead I was standing amid the beautifully manicured grass of Chase Field looking out to right field where the water in the pool sparkled in the afternoon sun. The Public Address announcer introduced my name as the starting center fielder to the resounding cheers of the chipmunks who were sitting in the bleachers beyond the pool. I tipped my Sedona red cap to the squirrels then took my place waiting for the first pitch. I can’t believe I am playing centerfield. It is unfortunate that Chris Young had that Guitar Hero accident straining his throwing shoulder in the midst of a 50-note run on the ZZ Top song but I warned him not to get too carried away. Still I was determined not to let the Diamondbacks down especially not on Opening Day. Opening Day, what a great time that was. I remember when I had tickets over there in Section 112. Tickets, opening day, section 112 oh no I fell asleep! I jumped up from the chair as I realized that I had been dreaming. I was slightly confused as I awoke not quite sure where I was at. Trina and the kids seemed to find some sort of amusement at my lack of consciousness as they sat there and laughed. Just then I heard the mail truck go by. I finally came to my senses only to realize that the mail truck was not entering our neighborhood but rather leaving. I missed it? He came and left and I missed getting my tickets? For the second time this week I reenacted the final scene from Planet of the Apes and for the second time this week Trina was not dressed in a fur bikini and she wasn’t a mute. I lined up Trina and all of the kids and questioned them as to whether the mailman had come to the door and delivered our Season Tickets. They swore on their mother’s grave that he did not. Trina did not seem to appreciate my choice of words but I meant no disrespect. It is just that with Apes now ruling the world there was no telling how much longer we may be alive. I cursed under my breath and ran to the mailbox. I opened the box; my expectations of finding anything other than yesterday’s mail were pretty low. Lying in the bottom of the box was a large white priority mail envelope. The return address was from the Arizona Diamondbacks. I retrieved the envelope leaving the other mail in the box and gingerly carried the package home. When I arrived I cleared the table and gently opened the envelope. There were two spiral bound packages containing tickets to 83 Arizona Diamondbacks baseball games. I was holding in my hand 83 dreams divided into individual tickets. Tears of joy ran down my cheeks. This is was best day I have had all week.

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