Spring Break and Baseball

Some things just seem to go together: Sedona and Red, boys and girls, peanut butter and chocolate (hey I’ve seen the Reeses Peanut Butter cup commercials), Spring Break and baseball. Oh sure that last one might be questionable to some especially if you have ever watched MTV. According to that “network” Spring Break is made up of equal parts college students, alcohol, and bikinis. I have yet to figure out where all those wild Spring Break parties are actually located. Even when I was in college I never could find the people that are portrayed in all those Spring Break movies. The crowds I saw more resembled Revenge of the Nerds than Malibu Spring Break. And yet the stereotype of drunk young adults in clothing optional scenarios seems to proliferate every year. So if kids aren’t spending Spring Break drunk or passed out waking up trying to remember where they left their clothes then where are they going and what are they doing?

Well if Arizona is any indication then it would appear that the majority of these young people are hanging out at stadiums around the Cactus League watching Spring Training. Oh sure there are some similarities to the old stereotypes. For example there is a massive amount of alcohol that appears to be being consumed on the lawn seats at least until the seventh inning. And of course there is the dress code. Rarely do you go to a game that you don’t see fans basking in the sun wearing bikini tops. There are even times that it is the women wearing these bikini tops. It should therefore have come as no surprise to me that tickets to many of the good games this week were in short supply. Every year when the kids have Spring Break I try to take a few days off to hang out with them and spend some quality time together. Their theory of quality time and mine seem to be slightly different. For whatever reason they are ok with going to a Spring Training baseball game but they are not ok with going to a Spring Training baseball game every day. I continue to try and explain to them that Spring Training is extremely important in that it helps us prepare for the regular season. You can’t just go from attending one game to suddenly attend 83 games. You don’t have the strength and stamina to maintain that level of effort. That is how injuries occur. And while I am trying to be serious with this warning my wisdom usually goes in one ear and out the other. Sometimes I think youth is wasted on kids.

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