The Waiting is the Hardest Part

You would think after yesterday’s mail disaster that I would have been cured from going down to the mailbox and retrieving the mail. No one have ever accused me of thinking (at least not in the mainstream kind of way) so today I was the first to volunteer to go down and get the mail. After all, maybe my invitation to become a Season Ticket holder would be in today’s mail. I’m still not quite sure I understand why I thought it was so important to get an invitation to be a Season Ticket holder. This fact of course dawned on me about halfway down to the mailbox. It was one of those smack your forehead and proclaim that you should have had a V-8 moments. By the time I got down to the box I was calmed down and my expectations were lowered as to what I would find in the box.

Like yesterday I opened the mail door and retrieved its contents. Bill, bill, Sedona Red post card, American Express credit application, coupon for Pizza Hut. Wait, what was that in the middle? I rummaged through the mail and sure enough there was a postcard from the Arizona Diamondbacks. I quickly flipped it over to see who this one was addressed to. If Trina got another piece of mail from the team and I didn’t get one there was going to be some serious trouble. That would be worse than when my parents called Trina to wish her a happy birthday but then totally blew off my birthday. That was just family. Now we’re talking about a Major League Baseball franchise. That’s a whole lot worse. I almost didn’t want to look at the addressee for fear of what I might find. I breathed a deep sign as I saw that it was addressed to me. I shoved the rest of the mail back into the mail box and took the postcard back to the house. Trina met me at the door and asked what was in the mail. I told her I got a card from the Diamondbacks. Ok that is not necessarily the whole story. What really happened was that I found Trina then holding the card in front of her face I danced around her singing, “I got a card from the Diamondbacks and you didn’t nee ner nee ner.” It wasn’t a pretty sight but it did make me feel better after the week I was having. Trina’s response was, “did we get anything else?” At that point I remembered that I left the mail in the box. I knew if I told her that she would make me go back down and get it and I really wanted to stay here and read my post card so I just said “nope, I think this is all we got”. Twenty-four hours more in a mailbox isn’t going to kill that mail. So I found a quiet corner in the living room and curled up in a chair to read my postcard. As I finished reading my hands were shaking. I felt like Charlie when he found the Golden Ticket inviting him to tour Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. The postcard welcomed me as an Arizona Diamondbacks Season Ticket holder and notified me that sometime between now and March 15 I would be receiving my Season Tickets. They would be delivered by special courier and I would be required to show proper identification and sign for the tickets. I’ve been burned once this week by the calendar so I wasn’t going to take any chances. I was circling March 15 on every calendar in the house. I was also going to set my alarm for midnight on March 15 just in case the mailman decided to deliver the package early. Oh there is so much to do between now and then. I need to get the kids to help me to clean the house and dust the bobbleheads. I need Trina to do up all the laundry so I can wear my lucky Diamondbacks outfit. I need to make sure my hat is clean and I need to shower and shave. March 15 is tomorrow! I’m not sure I can get everything ready that fast. Trina and the kids had planned to go shopping tomorrow. That is obviously going to have to be cancelled. We can’t leave the house until those tickets arrive. There is no way I am going to miss this delivery. I’ve been waiting since October last year for this season’s tickets to arrive. I can already tell there is not going to be any sleeping in our house tonight.

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