When Good Friday Becomes Great Friday

I am still moping around lamenting the fact that I missed a Spring Training game last week. Trina of course cannot understand why this is such a big deal. After all in another week or so I’ll be settling in for 83 games at Chase Field so what does it matter whether I get in one more game or not. I likewise cannot understand the situation. How in the world could she even ask that question? Missing any baseball game is equivalent to skipping a breath. You never have that opportunity to ever get that breath back, it is just lost. You miss enough breaths and you pass out or worse die. “Do you really want me to die?” I asked incredulously. Trina of course countered with, “I think you are being just a little over dramatic.” She’ll think over dramatic when one day I just keel over and die at about 1:06 PM after missing yet another Spring Training game. Then she’ll be sorry. I have half a mind to just do that; after baseball season of course. I don’t want to miss a game.

After a long and drawn out explanation of the importance of Spring Training and more importantly my attendance at a Spring Training game Trina I think finally understood. The question was just one of timing. That too seemed to work itself out. Today was Good Friday meaning the Trina and the kids were out of school. I have to admit I don’t completely understand the whole concept of Good Friday. I thought every Friday was good as it meant that the weekend was just about here. I could see it if we celebrated Good Monday. There is never anything good that comes from Monday (except Opening Day but that’s another story). Since everyone was off today it would be the perfect day to take in a game. I reiterated that EVERY DAY is a perfect day to take in a game but the only response I got to that was a lot of rolling of eyes by the family. The question was what game should we go to? My first choice was the Diamondbacks-Dodgers game at Tucson Electric Park. That suggestion met with a lot of resistance. First the game was in Tucson which meant 4 plus hours of driving round trip. Second the game was sold out so after driving all that way we had no chance at tickets. Third it was the Dodgers and really who wants to see the Dodgers play? The next suggestion was the San Francisco Giants-Chicago White Sox game in Scottsdale. That game too had one small problem; no tickets were available. What is up with this? Did today suddenly become national “Go to a Spring Training Day” and if it did why doesn’t it show up on my calendar as a holiday? After looking over the online ticket situation we settled on the Milwaukee Brewers-San Diego Padres game at Maryvale Baseball Park. Maryvale is a great stadium and we are always able to find great seats there. I looked online and saw that there were lots of available tickets including some next to the Padres dugout. I made the decision that I would wait to get tickets once we got there just in case I was able to score some even better seats. According to Mapquest it should take 32 minutes from my house to Maryvale Baseball Park. Just a nice drive with the sunroof open and the windows down with the XM Radio cranked. We packed the kids in the car and headed for the stadium. This was starting to turn into Great Friday. As we got closer to Maryvale I noticed a lot more traffic. I mean a LOT more traffic. Still I was on my way to the ballgame so nothing could damper my spirits. Not even waiting 20 minutes to enter the parking lot. The crowds looked larger than I would have expected given the number of tickets that were still available. I suggested to Trina that she go to the ticket window while I waited in line to park the car. Ten minutes later while I was still in line for parking my cell phone rings. It is Trina asking where I wanted to sit. I said “Best Available” after all this may be the last Spring Training game I go to this season so only the best would do. After driving through the parking lot several times in what was my best impression of driving through the mall at Christmas time I finally found a spot and parked. The kids and I rushed up to meet Trina at the gates. She stood there and as we approached she met us and began distributing the tickets. I looked to see where we would be sitting. The section stated “Lawn”. Lawn seats those are not even real seats. Confused I looked at Trina about to remind her that I had said “Best Available” when she said, “that is all they had left.” I turned to look in the direction of the ticket window and realized that there had to be over 1,000 people still standing in line. From the time we left the house until the time we arrived at the stadium the game had basically sold out. We made our way into the stadium and took up residence on the grassy knoll of left field. Nothing was going to dampen my spirits after all I was at a Spring Training game. Not even Trina’s announcement that we had forgotten the sun block would matter. Of course after 3 hours of 88 degree sunny weather I would change my theory on what mattered. So while I looked like I belonged in the “Attack of the Lobster Man” horror movie I was still content. You have to look on the bright side, my dedication as a Diamondbacks fan was now complete. My face, arms, and legs were now a perfect Sedona Red hue. I didn’t realize until tonight how painful a color change actually is.

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