April Fool’s Day is pretty much one of my favorite holidays. Who doesn’t like a day devoted to playing practical jokes and in general messing with people’s minds? From an early age I took to this holiday like a duck takes to soup. I remember when I was Kindergarten age I took all the sugar out of the sugar bowl and replaced it with salt then went to school. Who would have thought that would be the day my father would decide to have a bowl of cereal? So instead of getting my younger brother (who always seemed to be my primary target), I instead got my dad. The only bad part was that I was gone to school and so I missed out on payoff. It must have been good though because my mom still laughs about it to this day. As I got older the pranks were pulled on a much grander scale. There was the time I wrapped a co-workers cubicle in police line and drew a dead body outline on the floor using masking tape. You should have seen him trying to explain that to the security guard. Most of my pranks were fairly harmless and always in good fun (at least to me). Even my writing was sprinkled with humor and pranks. I briefly considered posting an entry similar to the one in 2000 but that all changed when this morning I stumbled upon something of real importance.

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