Did you ever have one of those weeks when you wake up and it’s as though you are in another dimension? One where everything is opposite of what you have come to rely on as being normal? That’s kind of how I feel this week. It just seems like every time I turn around I am dealing with something that would be perfectly natural if we lived in Bizarro World. It started off with our annual Fantasy Baseball draft. This year I decided I was way too busy to devote as much time to Fantasy Baseball as I normally do. I promised myself I would cut back and only play in half as many leagues as I normally do. Therefore I limited myself to four leagues. Trina and I have learned to agree to disagree on a few things in our marriage. I don’t attempt to understand her family and she doesn’t attempt to understand my obsession with Fantasy Baseball. She does ask that I try to minimize the number of players I select from National League West teams other than the Diamondbacks as she just hates to deal with the moral dilemma I place myself in whenever one of my fantasy players are playing against the Diamondbacks. I can’t deal with the fact that I am actually cheering against the Diamondbacks even if it is just for one batter. That subject is probably best left to discussing with a mental health professional.

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