Game two of the Arizona Diamondbacks Tenth Anniversary Celebration came today against the Colorado Rockies. Today’s game was nationally televised as the Fox baseball game of the week. This meant the game time was moved from 5:10 PM local time to 12:55 PM. With outside temperatures registering in the mid-80’s with not a cloud in the sky that also meant that the game would be played with the roof open. There is nothing quite like a Saturday afternoon game to make you appreciate living in this great country. The smells of cut grass and roasting hot dogs while sitting in a wide open stadium remind us of why we love this game so much. It takes us back to a time of our youth when it was us playing between the foul lines imagining what it would be like to be a Major League Baseball player. Add to the fact that your team is playing their heated rivals after having beaten them four consecutive times to begin the season and it just doesn’t get much better than this. But today wasn’t just about an early April regular season game. This one had special meaning as it was a continuation of the celebration marking the first decade of Diamondbacks baseball.

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