Today has been a very traumatic day for me and one I hope that no one should ever have to face. They say that bad things happen in threes and today I would have to agree. It started off poorly and went downhill from there. There is nothing worse for an Arizona Diamondbacks fan than to wake up in the morning, leap out of bed and check the schedule only to find that the Diamondbacks have an off-day. It makes you want to crawl back into bed and pull the Sedona Red sheets up over your head and just hibernate for 24 hours until this nightmare is over. But I promised myself that I was not going to brood over there not being Diamondbacks baseball today. I was going to look for the positive side of this. The 162-game season is a long trek and there must be some days off; well that’s what they tell me anyway. Personally I don’t think 162 games are near enough since that means that there are 203 days a year without baseball; 204 if it is a leap year. That means that over half the year is sans-baseball and no good can come from that. I personally think that we could eliminate all war and solve world hunger and global warming if we would just extend baseball to be year round. That theory has not yet gotten a lot of traction but I am hoping that it will soon. So until the planets align and we reach baseball nirvana I will have to be content dealing with days like today.

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