After all the drama yesterday I was really hoping for a nice and quiet day. I survived a day without Diamondbacks baseball and I even managed not to get myself killed so that’s a good thing. The San Diego Padres make their 2008 debut at Chase Field tonight in a continuation of NL West Month for the Arizona Diamondbacks. The Padres are always tough. Their pitching staff is amazing and I am always worried that a game with San Diego will result in a no-hitter and not necessarily for the good guys. My heart was warmed when the Padres locked up with the Colorado Rockies for a 22-inning marathon that ended with the Rockies winning. The only think that tempered my joy was the fact that it was the “great Troy Tulowitzki” who won the game. That’s like applauding global warming because it helps you get a great tan. At some point global warming and the “great Troy Tulowitzki” will cause all life on the planet to become extinct unless we do something about it. After a day without baseball even the “great Troy Tulowitzki” could not dampen my spirits. Before you think everything is perfect, there is one subject that we probably need to broach.

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