Before I get started, I just wanted to comment on last night’s game. I had a suspicion that once I wrote about Ketchup he would somehow find a way to pull out a victory. This goes to the root of the problem. Just because Ketchup came out ahead in one race does not mean I am not going to continue to ride him all season. I think it is clear that he is just mailing in these condiment races and I think he is making a mockery of being a professional condiment racer. I think the fans pay good money to be at the game and they should expect each and every condiment to do their very best regardless of how they feel. I have a hard time faulting the little children who are dressed up as their favorite hot dog; they are doing their best to cheer on their favorite condiments. I just think it is wrong that a condiment roster spot is being taken up by a non-competitive hot dog topping. I don’t want to dwell on this though, not when there are so many other more positive things to be written about.

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