For the second time in three days Ketchup has mocked my assessment that he is over-the-hill. I am not about to change my mind after a couple of lucky race results. I’ve seen condiments get hot before then fade away like mold on Jell-O. I’m only going to be impressed when Ketchup is able to continue his success over the course of several weeks or months. It is a long season and you can’t get too excited this early at the success a few players are having. It did seem somewhat appropriate that Ketchup picked today to pull out a victory. I’ve written on numerous occasions how I felt that Ketchup was too old to be an everyday condiment. His best days are over and he is now in the waning moments of his career. Ketchup may be able to hang on for a few more seasons but only if he moves over to the American League where he doesn’t have to play the field. The question is, what AL teams are looking for a Designated Condiment? Chances are Ketchup will have to adjust his expectations and come to grips that he is no longer the condiment ace. That is not to say that he shouldn’t be playing, just that Ketchup may not be suited to going the whole distance in a condiment race. He is obviously a liability on the base paths and it is sad to see that happen to someone you admired for so long. So why did I say that it was appropriate for Ketchup to get the win today?

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