Bobble Head Bliss Part 1

Before I get started, I just wanted to comment on last night’s game. I had a suspicion that once I wrote about Ketchup he would somehow find a way to pull out a victory. This goes to the root of the problem. Just because Ketchup came out ahead in one race does not mean I am not going to continue to ride him all season. I think it is clear that he is just mailing in these condiment races and I think he is making a mockery of being a professional condiment racer. I think the fans pay good money to be at the game and they should expect each and every condiment to do their very best regardless of how they feel. I have a hard time faulting the little children who are dressed up as their favorite hot dog; they are doing their best to cheer on their favorite condiments. I just think it is wrong that a condiment roster spot is being taken up by a non-competitive hot dog topping. I don’t want to dwell on this though, not when there are so many other more positive things to be written about.

When the Arizona Diamondbacks unveiled their 2008 schedule, this was one game I was really looking forward to. Not necessarily because we were playing the San Diego Padres or because Edgar Gonzalez would be pitching. No, I was excited about tonight’s game for one reason, it was bobble head day! Over the course of the past decade I have made it a point to go to as many games as I possibly could. This of course meant that I have accumulated a few of the giveaways given out at the turnstiles. Ok, that might be a slight understatement. I literally have boxes of things I have gotten for free just by attending a Diamondbacks game. It’s like getting rewarded for breathing. I’m already at the games so for them to give me a free gift for doing what I love is weird but really cool. One of my favorite giveaways is the bobble head. There is just something cool about a cast likeness of a baseball player that bobs its head up and down when tapped. I have every bobble head that the Diamondbacks have ever given and proudly display them across the top of my desk, and in the living room, and in the family room, and in our bedroom, and in the kids’ rooms. Trina is not quite as excited about my collection of bobbing D-backs but she is learning to appreciate them. Ok maybe not appreciate them but at least tolerate them. The kids love them. When the promotional schedule is released the bobble head games are the ones where we have the most fights on who gets to attend the game with dad. To eliminate the fighting we have gotten so we just buy additional tickets so that everyone can attend. This year not only did we have our three younger kids but out two oldest daughters also came home just to get a bobble head and go to a game.

So armed with 8 tickets we headed down to the ballpark. We arrived before the gates opened. As Diamondbacks Season Ticket holders we are able to get into the ballpark 30 minutes prior to the gates opening. This was awesome as we were able to walk past the endless line of fans right to the front of the line and through the turnstiles. There we were handed a box filled with bobbing goodness. There is just something about a Micah Owings Silver Slugger bobble head that will bring a smile to your face. Once we collected our prizes we headed down to our seats to drop off the seat cushions. The kids immediately ran down to the wall to check out batting practice in hopes of getting a foul ball. For our son-in-law this was his first bobble head game and even more incredulous it was his first professional baseball game. I had no idea what a deprived child he was, never having gone to a major league baseball game. I’m not positive but I think that is grounds for being charged with child abuse. My daughter Mallorie who is a junior in college decided that not only was today Micah Owings bobble head day but she also deemed it Lee Tinsley Appreciation Day. Lee Tinsley is the Diamondbacks first base coach and Mallorie decided that he was not getting the amount of attention that he deserved. So for the entire Diamondbacks batting practice Mallorie got everyone within the sound of her voice to cheer for Lee Tinsley each time he touched a ball. Tinsley was shagging balls in the outfield and my kids and those of complete strangers wildly cheered whenever he came in contact with a ball. This of course confused everyone on the field especially Lee Tinsley. It was obvious he was catching a lot of grief from the other coaches and players. The San Diego Padres even got into it when former Diamondbacks Tony Clark and Scott Hairston started to give Tinsley the business for having such a vocal fan club. Everyone in the stands were having a great time laughing as Lee tipped his hat or waved to his newly formed fan club. It was even funnier when after the actual game had started we saw a small child holding a sign he had just made at the ballpark proclaiming “Lee Tinsley for President”. It was a perfect day at the ballpark. Not only did the Diamondbacks bring joy to 25,000 fans by giving them a bobble head but they topped that off by giving everyone in attendance a chalupa when the Diamondbacks beat the Padres 10-3. It just doesn’t get much better than this, don’t you agree bobbing Micah? He just nodded.

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