How About a Celebration?

When the Diamondbacks arrived in Denver on Thursday they were well aware that they would be facing the Colorado Rockies in their home opener. I’m sure they also expected that there would be some recognition for the Rockies accomplishments from last season. I am not sure anyone expected that the Rockies would plan a celebration before every game during this series. It’s one thing to commemorate the 2007 and their first trip to the World Series but it is something else completely to drag that celebration on over the course of three days. Even in 2002 after the Diamondbacks had won the World Series they had Opening Day with the unveiling of the World Series banner and the day after when the players received their World Championship rings.

I’m not bitter about the whole endless party at Coors Field. What the Rockies accomplished is commendable. I just thought it was odd the timing of the whole thing and how the schedule worked out so that it was against the team that they beat in the National League Championship Series. It didn’t seem to bother the Arizona Diamondbacks too much. Before Friday’s game the Rockies brought out the National League trophy and reminded everyone that they were the NL champs from a year ago. After that ceremony Micah Owings and the Arizona Diamondbacks reminded the Colorado players and fans that it was not going to be a cake walk repeating in 2008. The Diamondbacks pitching and hitting took off and Arizona won that game 8-2. Before Saturday’s game the Colorado Rockies unveiled the National League Champions banner at Coors field in front of a large and loud crowd who cheered their home team’s accomplishments. Brandon Webb and the Arizona Diamondbacks again responded by dominating the defending champs winning by a score of 7-2. Today before game three of the series the Colorado Rockies held a ceremony where the players were awarded rings for being the National League champions. This game too was well attended and the Colorado fans wanted the team to respond. In a sense they did as the Rockies behind the pitching of Franklin Morales held the Diamondbacks scoreless through the first 8 innings. That changed in the ninth when Rockies closer Manny Corpas was roughed up by a two-run home run by Mark Reynolds to give Arizona the lead. For the second consecutive time when presented with a save opportunity; Diamondbacks closer Brandon Lyon gave up a home run and blew the save. The Diamondbacks were determined not to let this one get away. The team answered with 3 runs in the tenth inning to win their first extra innings game of the 2008 season. So while the Colorado Rockies celebrated before each game of this series; it was the Arizona Diamondbacks who were able to celebrate after the game. Coming into Denver with a 2-game losing streak to begin the season there is nothing better than beating your chief rival three straight games to make anyone feel festive. I’m considering calling down to the Diamondbacks offices tomorrow to see if we can fly in some of the Rockies for a pre-game celebration before tomorrow’s contest with the Los Angeles Dodgers. So far we are 4-0 in games where the other team celebrates. I wonder if the Elias Sports Bureau maintains stats like those?


  1. mitch jarvis

    Diamondbacks rule! I just wish I had tickets to Wednesday’s day game as I have the day off…

  2. I may know a guy that has an extra ticket for Wednesday’s game. He’s kind of nuts so there is a price to pay if you go to a game with him but hey it’s a free ticket. He will probably make you eat at Hungry Hill though. That guy is obsessed with their Italian Sausage with fried onions and sauerkraut. I can’t say I blame him though, those are pretty good.

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