Let the Tenth Anniversary Celebration Begin!

When I was a kid I used to live in front of the television on Saturdays. It would begin early in the morning when I would get up, make myself a bowl of cereal and turn on the television to watch cartoons. One of my favorites was the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show. There is just something about a flying squirrel and a talking moose that intrigued me. And don’t get me started on Boris and Natasha and the evil Fearless Leader. But it wasn’t just “moose and squirrel” that kept me entertained. There was also Sherman and Peabody and the whole Peabody’s Improbably History segment. Who doesn’t love a genius dog and his pet boy who has a time machine aptly named WABAC which was pronounced “way back”. For those of you who somehow missed this animated classic let me explain the premise. Mr. Peabody and Sherman would travel back in time to important events only to find out that things were not going as planned. The boy and dog would then assist historical figures to get it right finally saving the day. Before returning to their own time each episode would end in a very bad pun that would cause the characters and the audience to groan. It was classic television and the perfect way to bridge the span of time until the Baseball Game of the Week with announcer Joe Garagiola making the calls. So why exactly did I just take that trip down memory lane?

Well tonight would be the perfect night for Sherman and Mr. Peabody. The Arizona Diamondbacks begin a three game series against the hated Colorado Rockies and the over-rated “great Troy Tulowitzki”. The Diamondbacks will start ace Brandon Webb who will attempt to continue the success he had against them in Denver last week. A series featuring Brandon Webb and Dan Haren as the first two starters would be enough to make any Arizona fan excited. And in my best infomercial voice let me say, “but wait that’s not all!” This weekend is also the Diamondbacks Tenth Anniversary celebration. Tonight features the perfect setting for the WABAC machine. The team has reached out to each member of the inaugural team and invited them to Chase Field for a pre-game ceremony and recognition. Many of the players accepted we should expect to see such dignitaries as manager Buck Showalter, coach Glenn Sherlock, catchers Damian Miller, Jorge Fabregas, and Kelly Stinnett infielders Jay Bell, Travis Lee, and Matt Williams, outfielder Brent Brede, and pitchers Brian Anderson, Andy Benes, and Gregg Olson. Former Diamondbacks president Rich Dozer and former general manager Joe Garagiola Jr. will also be attending. It will be an interesting scene seeing the original boys in Purple and Teal being recognized by a sea of Sedona Red and Sonoran Sand. Former announcer Thom Brennaman along with current radio announcer Greg Schulte will handle the introductions. Pitcher Andy Benes will take the mound as he did on March 31, 1998 and throw out the ceremonial first pitch. It will indeed be a sight to see as the old guard meets the new there on the diamond. So much has happened during the first ten years of this franchise that it sometimes seems impossible to fathom that baseball is only one decade old in the valley of the Sun. I like many other fans who have been here since the beginning will again be in the stands cheering our former heroes as well as our new ones. Hopefully tonight’s game will end a little better than the one against the Colorado Rockies ten years ago. I’m not sure I can deal with another 9-2 loss in front of a sold out crowd.

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  1. mitch 'the wizard' jarvis

    Are we unstoppable?? Seriously… I think the West is in trouble.

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